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Hello, I am not funny

Welcome to the whirlwind that is my mind. The title was appointed to me by my dearest Mass Communications professor who went to great lengths to inform myself as well as the rest of the class that we are indeed, "not funny" so we shouldn't bother trying. I enjoy reading, writing, and the general practice of questioning my surroundings, much to the dismay of my friends. I may seem all smiles and laughs but inside me, there are dark demons swirling around my mind. Or I'm just hungry. Not sure which.
Good luck.


My name is Hannah Cook and a quick peak inside my mind reveals I do not simply "like" things. I obsess. When I find something I am keenly interested in, I find it hard not to think about it during all hours of the day. For example, as described by the title, Korean music has been a passion of mine for years, along with reading and writing. When I am working on a new project, a new written works most likely, I find it hard not to plot out the entirety of the story in my head beforehand, making it difficult to focus on even the most minor of things.
Some say obsession is unhealthy. I laugh at the mere thought of it. Obsession is passion at it's highest peak, and life would be incredibly boring without it.

Let's Get To The Chase

I do not consider myself a judgmental person. I listen to music in a language I don't understand and am the proud owner of a panda bear themed onesie. There is no point in me judging anybody. If you are open-minded and accepting of others for their differences, we're going to get along just fine.

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