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About Me

Introduction One

My name is Whitney Jackson and I am from International Falls, MN, otherwise known as the Icebox of the Nation. I was originally born in Winnipeg, Manitoba but moved to the United States when I was in fourth grade. From there on until high school, my family and I remained in North Branch, MN, a town about an hour north of the cities. Upon graduating from North Branch Senior High School in 2011, I went on to complete my first year of college at Anoka-Ramsey Community College in Cambridge, MN. Before beginning my second year of college my family relocated to International Falls, MN, where my dad originally grew up. I then completed the rest of my Associate's Degree at Rainy River Community College and then transferred to Bemidji State Univeristy. I am now a senior at Bemidji State University in Bemidji, MN. I am majoring in English and Creative and Professional Writing and double minoring in Electronic Writing and Psychology. Throughout this year at BSU I have been the Editor-in-Chief of The Northern Student, Bemidji State's on-campus monthly magazine and for the past two years I have been a CA (community assistant) in Oak Hall, a freshman dorm on campus. This past summer I worked as a tutor-mentor for Upward Bound in St. Cloud, MN and also as a reporter for The Journal, the twice-weekly newspaper in International Falls, MN. After college, I am unsure of what my plans will be but eventually I would like to go to graduate school and then teach at a college level, focusing on english literature and creative writing. I would also like to get my TESL (Teaching English Foreign Language) licensure, which is only a 6-week program.

Ms. Whitney Paige Jackson, Writer and Reader Extraordinaire

Introduction Two

My full name is Whitney Paige Jackson and I am a senior this year at Bemidji State University and will be graduating this spring with a double major and a double minor. Since I have been studying English and Creative Writing, I will obtain a job post graduation in such areas. I would love to travel and teach English as a second language but I need to do what is best for me, and I don't believe that would be the right decision at this time in my life. However, as a second-year CA in a dorm on campus, and as Editor-in-Chief of The Northern Student, BSU's on-campus 16-page color magazine, I know I will have several job opportunities coming my way and need not to worry about what will happen when I graduate. I have also been on the Dean's List nearly every semester so it is no secret that I have been maintaining outstanding grades, and I have received a scholarship every single year of my college schooling. This past summer I even offered my time and worked as a Tutor-Mentor at Upward Bound in St.Cloud, MN. When I wasn't in St. Cloud I worked two jobs in International Falls, MN. One of them was at the twice-weekly newspaper, The Journal, where I worked as a reporter and also had some writings of mine published in their bi-monthly magazine, Simply North. Obviously I have kept copies of all of the many works I have had published, but sometimes I cannot keep up with the articles or stories that are published online. Cre8 has a few of my pieces and one that I received an honorable mention award for only my first year at BSU.

Hello there, World

Introduction Three

Hello, my name is Whitney Jackson and I am, quite honestly, from all over. Originally born in Winnipeg, Manitoba I moved with my family at a young age to the small, svelte town of North Branch, Minnesota. Upon graduating in 2011 and after completing a year of college near my home, our family moved to the beautiful and cool northland of International Falls, MN. After completing another year of schooling to obtain my Associate's Degree, I transferred to Bemidji State University, a simple and scenic drive only two hours from International Falls. While this is already my third year at BSU, I am itching to travel and breathe the air of new places after graduation. Prior to beginning college, I have traveled to and from the small towns of Elk River, MN where my grandparents reside, to New Town, North Dakota, where my brother once lived. I've been to the clear blue Mediterranean Sea when I visited France and Morocco on a class trip, sat on the burning hot sand on the beaches of Virginia Beach, VA, visited a volcano in Hawaii, stood in the drizzly rain in Ketchikan, Alaska, played tennis on a beaten court in Chicago, Illinois, and ridden on a motorcycle in Seattle, Washington. With all of these places, I have gained a plethora of experience, which I only hope to expand upon graduating from Bemidji State University this coming spring. With a double major in English and Creative and Professional Writing, and a double minor in Electronic Writing and Psychology, I can only become more and more incredibly excited and giddy at the experiences to come. As Editor-in-Chief of The Northern Student BSU's on-campus magazine, I have been able to write about the experiences of those around me and in this life, I vow to never stop learning.

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