Getting started
Typically, we talk of three levels of style - formal, semi-formal, informal - but the aim of your work for this exercises is more pointed because we're bringing in a writer-audience relation from the first.

One way of getting started on this is to define a persona for each version.
• Tough, sweet, stuffy
• Plain, pompous, urbane
• Brief, concise, elaborate
• Scientific, humanistic, spiritualistic
• Naive, street-wise, educated

Or you could set an aim, and then create in your prose a writer-audience relationship that suits that relationship
• To amuse, to teach, to be helpful
• To to inform, to teach, to enlighten
• To start conversation, to encourage response, to silence

Or you could define a writer-audience relationship first, then tailor the prose to realize that relationship.
• Talking up, talking down, talking to
• Near, far, intimate
• Expert to expert, expert to novice, expert to layperson

Your choice.

Other sources and materials
• Register is the significant rhetorical idea for this exercise. A fair but simple encyclopedia article on register at About Education. A more nuanced consideration is Fahnestock's.
• Sylva Rhetorica. Then click on Style in the left-hand column. The rhetorical figures are listed on the right-hand column.
It's the style editors desire because it makes life easy to edit, and it makes copy easy to sell.
• Gain readers who don't read!
• Style is the person? Style is the manner.

Keep this in mind: Style is the way we construct a writer-reader relation in a rhetorical situation.
#1. Low- Conversational. Friendly. Conversing to a friend.
Dude what if my name wasn't Emma? Did I tell you that one time my mom said she was gonna name me Chloe? That would have been so bad. I can't see myself as a Chloe. That name always reminds me of those weirdo bratt dolls we played with in 3rd. I'm going to flop at the gym later and you should come since we always scream about being plump. I seriously need to eat a salad tonight. I'll probably head to Luekens after to the gym and grab one. Caribou is close so maybe a fat ass mocha too. I heard the relatives in Amersterdam are still being fucks so we need to figure out if we can stay with them or not in April. I'm so juiced though. It doesn't seem real yet. I heard it won't seem real till after we get back here. It's so weird that it's only in like a month. I'm getting such bad anxiety because the grad schools still haven't said a peep. CO State lady finally e-mailed me but only to say she didn't receive my essay yet. I just wanna have all that nailed down before we go. Super weird middle school gay but Panic! put their new album on Spotify and it's actually good. Brendon Urie will probably be still hot when he's like 80... I wonder if I could get him to show up at my wedding someday... as my husband. Yeah, I know I'm strange... but at least I'm not the type of English Major who dresses up in Wizard Outfits for fun.

Keep this in mind: Style is the way we construct a writer-reader relation in a rhetorical situation.
#2. Middle- Level of usage that characterizes most written forms of language
Hi! I'm Emma. I go to college at Bemidji State University where I'm studying English. Senior year has been super busy so it's difficult to make it to church every Sunday. I would love to help out with the in-service nursery but I don't think I could make the commitment to be there every Sunday. If I make it to church I'll drop in and see if they need help though because growing up with eight younger siblings taught me how challenging kids can be. My denomination was always Covenant/ non-denominational and not Catholic. A lot of people ask if I'm Catholic on account of the amount of siblings I have. I think the large sibling amount can be explained with where I grew up. I am originally from Upsala, MN which is so small that typically people say, "Where's that?" The closest large town I could reference it to would be St. Cloud. There is many families in my town that have families of twelve or more. Five children would be considered a "small family" in my town. My friends will have to come to church by themselves in April and May because I'll be studying abroad on BSU's Eurospring program. I'll take a lot of pictures and put them on Facebook so my friends can enjoy the sites. I've been picking up almost double the hours I worked earlier this year to have enough money for Eurospring. Working about 40 hours a week at a group home and about eight hours a week at the on-campus writing center plus taking classes has been challenging but I know that God is motivating me to keep going.

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