Introducing Myself in Different Rhetorical Situations

A Job Interview Introduction

Hi. My name is Ryan Pietruzewski. I am currently in my final semester at Bemidji State University. In May, I will graduate with a degree in mass communication and a minor in political science. I rarely get B’s in my courses and have never received a grade lower than that. As for my future aspirations, I would like to find a job with substantial pay somewhere in the realm of sports journalism. I have a solid work ethic, and I manage my time wisely. My grandpa taught me not to ever quit a task until it is done right. Anything I do not already know how to do, I will promptly learn while paying attention to detail. Learning new things comes easily to me. My experience as a journalist for the Bemidji Pioneer has given me the skills necessary to move up the ladder as a writer. I have worked for that paper since October 2014, spending my winters as a part-time sports writer, and during the summer I was an intern in the news section. Here are the articles I have written. My time there has developed the tools I need to be a proficient journalist. I know what makes a newsworthy story and how to write one. I love meeting new people. With a university and one of the biggest high schools in northern Minnesota located in Bemidji, I am able to cover many sports and conduct interviews with many different titles. I want rewarding employment where I can affect the world around me and have fun while I’m doing it. Sports journalism is where that can happen.

Hey Little Man

Hey there buddy. I'm Ryan, and my last name is super long--Pietruszewski, peh-ter-sheh--skee--and it has a really weird spelling because it's Polish. I have to spell it out for someone pretty much every day. I'm from Warroad, a town at the tip-top of Minnesota. I'm 21, and I go to a college called Bemidji State University. I go there because I want to be a great sports writer one day. I’m in my last year of school. Ever. I’m really excited to be done and find out what job I’m gonna get. I really wanna be around sports because that’s what I’m interested in. Wouldn’t it be fun to get money for watching sports? I already do, but not enough yet. My job right now is writing stories for people to read in the newspaper. I go to a game and then write down everything important that happens. Then I type the stuff I wrote down into a computer and it goes in the newspaper. I want my job to be about sports because I really liked playing sports when I was a kid. I played baseball and hockey and cross country. Baseball was my favorite because that’s what I was best at, and my team was always really good. I have lots of trophies to prove it. I batted leadoff and played center field. I had to quit hockey in high school because I have a bleeding problem. I had to have four brain surgeries because of it. It was pretty scary, but I thought riding in the ambulance and the hospital air plane was fun. I play on a hockey team at college for fun, but its okay because there’s no checking allowed. I just have to be careful.

Meeting a Fellow Student

Hey what’s up? Ryan Pietruszewski, nice to meet you. I’m from Warroad, Minnesota – way up by the state’s chimney. This is my third year here, but I’m finishing up this semester. I’m only taking 13 credits, but it kinda sucks ‘cause my classes are all upper level. I’m finished my poli sci minor last semester, so now I’m just finishing my mass comm major. I can’t wait to be done and get out of here, even though I have no idea where I’ll go next or what my plan is. I’m really big into sports, so I want to go into sports writing of some kind. I just don’t know what the next step is to achieving my goal though. I work part-time for the sports section of the Bemidji Pioneer, and that’s helped me a lot. But I still don’t know what to do next to work my way up to where I want my career to end up. I just like the idea of people valuing my opinion on what goes on in sports. Shoot me a follow on Twitter. I tweet about sports every day, especially the ones I'm covering for work. A big dilemma for me is that my sister just had a baby in September, so I’d really like to move back home to watch my nephew grow up. However, there is very little opportunity for me to further my career if I move back to Warroad. It’s a town of 1600 people, and the only newspaper up there is a weekly Sunday paper. As much as I’d like to move back closer to family, maybe my best option is to chase something bigger at first and see if something sticks. Who knows what could happen?
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