Heyy y'all. The name's Emily. I'm gonna tell you all a bit about myself. I go to BSU and study Marketing/Communications. It's pretty cool. Not too hard or anything and I'm pretty good at it so you know. Writing classes are the best cause I get to like, really express myself. There's hardly ever any limits or restrictions so I get to write about whatever most of the time. I like writing on my own too. Most of the junk I write about is made up, cause that's the most fun. I'll write about ghosts or folklore creatures and how they scare the shit out of people. I don't just like to write though. I like to chill outside all the time, breaking a sweat or relaxing with my buddies. The roommates and I will toss a rugby ball around and tackle each other into the snow. The snow up here is pretty legit. There's plenty of it, I just wish it wasn't so goddam cold all the time! Back home in RI it's never gets this cold. My mom calls MN the land of snow and ice and will never get why I like it here so much. Come to think of it she doesn't get why I like rugby either, or horror stories. SMH parents just never really understand I guess. Oh well, It's probably better she doesn't know half the stuff I do anyway. I'm not a bad kid, just not content with staying in the lines. You can try to get to really know me, but good luck, I'm one tough cookie to crack!


Hi! Welcome to my Wiki page! My name is Emily and I am a senior Marketing/Communications major at Bemidji State University. I enjoy the business world but hope to keep a strong tie to my creative side as well. Writing is a passion of mine that I hope to never lose. Wherever my future takes me, I know I'll be writing in some form or another. Other than school, my interests include sports, singing, dancing and movies. Fun fact: I've broken my foot on three separate occasions, and not once was rugby the cause. I actually broke it dancing. Every. Single. Time. Silly, I know, I'm not even that bad of a dancer, just unlucky I suppose. Hopefully my luck improves because I have quite the journey ahead of me. I never want to settle. I won't ever be content living an average or typical life. I don't want a husband or babies, or to be tied town anywhere in particular. I kind of like not knowing what my future holds. It's scary, but so exciting at the same time. It makes my life not only a mystery but a challenge as well. A challenge to continuously improve myself in order to reach my goals. Some of which include solo hiking for an extended period of time, starting my own business and owning a Bengal cat! If you want to know anything else about me just let me know! I'd love to hear about you as well!

You Can Call Me Emily

A warm hello to all that might stumble upon this page. My birth given name is Emily, although I find it so banal I am often rather embarrassed to claim it at times. I find that it offers little justice to the peculiar personality I possess within. Thankfully I have never had a problem separating myself from the crowd, despite my sickeningly overused name. I find that highlighting the unique aspects of myself is not only refreshing, but exhilarating as well. I will never quite understand why so many of my peers strive to conform to their perceptions of "normal". As subjective as "normal" is, when I gaze out into a horde of students in their matching camoflauge sweatshirts and Ugg boots, all I see are carbon copies. They all walk, talk and laugh the same. If you look hard enough, you can even distinguish the look of fear deep within each one of them. The fear that if they are not followers, they are not part of the group and therefore insignificant in the broad spectrum of life. They may remain blissfully unaware of this fear, but I find it obvious. I recognize their fear, but can not bring myself to feel empathetic toward these people. They are content being mindless sheep, grazing upon the faults and insecurities of others. I can only utter a smile when I feel them silently judging me, for they will forever be ignorant to the peace and acceptance that allows me to be so level headed. Who am I you ask? You will never quite grasp the complex mass of thoughts and opinions that compose the unique individual that I am proud to call myself, so you can just call me Emily.
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