OOOOoo. It's Just Me Myself And I

Dude what if my name wasn't Emma? One time my mom said she was gonna name me Chloe. That would have been so bad. I can't see myself as a Chloe. That name always reminds me of those weirdo bratt dolls I played with in 3rd. I've had Me, Myself, and I by G-Eazy stuck in my head all day. I'll probably flop at the gym later since I always scream about being plump even though I'm skinny as a rail. I seriously need to eat a salad tonight though. I'll probably head to Luekens after to the gym and grab one. Caribou is close so maybe a fat ass mocha too. I heard the people I'm staying with in Amersterdam are still being fucks so I need to figure out if we can stay with them or not in April. I'm so juiced though. It doesn't seem real yet. I heard it won't seem real till after we get back here. It's so weird that it's only in like a month. Anxiety is starting to kick in because the grad schools still haven't said a peep. CO State lady finally e-mailed me but only to say she didn't receive my essay yet. The program looks sick though. I just wanna have all that nailed down before I go. Super weird middle school gay but Panic! put their new album on Spotify and it's actually good. Brendon Urie will probably be still hot when he's like 80... I wonder if I could get him to show up at my wedding someday... as my husband. Yeah, I know I'm strange... but at least I'm not the type of English Major who dresses up in Wizard Outfits for fun.

Hello Pastor John

Hi! I'm Emma. I go to college at Bemidji State University where I'm studying English. Senior year has been extremely busy so it's difficult to make it to church every Sunday. I would love to help out with the in-service nursery but I don't think I could make the commitment to be there every Sunday. If I make it to church I'll drop in and see if they need help though because growing up with eight younger siblings taught me how challenging kids can be. My denomination was always Covenant/ non-denominational and not Catholic. A lot of people ask if I'm Catholic on account of the amount of siblings I have. I think the large sibling amount can be explained with where I grew up. I am originally from Upsala, MN which is so small that typically people say, "Where's that?" The closest large town I could reference it to would be St. Cloud. There are many families in my town that have families of twelve or more. Five children would be considered a "small family" in my town. My friends will have to come to church by themselves in April and May because I'll be studying abroad on BSU's Eurospring program. I'll take a lot of pictures and put them on Facebook so my friends can enjoy the sites. I've been picking up almost double the hours I worked earlier this year to have enough money for Eurospring. Working about 40 hours a week at a group home and about eight hours a week at the on-campus writing center plus taking classes has been challenging. However, I know that God is motivating me to keep going and I feel encouraged.

Guthrie's Path to Success

Emma Guthrie is a senior Writing Consultant staff at Bemidji State University's Writing Resource Center as well as a DSP for REM. At twenty years old she will graduate with an English B.A. and a E-Rhetoric Certificate. Only three years ago at the age of seventeen Guthrie sought to find a college where she could establish a substantial education and be financially self-sufficient. The journey to her current academic success was daunting, precarious, and at intervals rather discouraging. Guthrie battled her way through four synchronous jobs her freshman year at BSU. She received little sleep and her GPA plummeted before an opportunity was given to grace the fall. Too ashamed to disclose the dire situation to her parents; she adopted the mantra "Fake it till you make it". The following year, Guthrie mustered all of her willpower and launched herself into her studies. Renting a house was a monetarily wise decision over living in the dorms and was able to let go of one job. She was given the opportunity to join the Ronald E. McNair Scholars' Program the same year. It changed her life. Through the program Guthrie was given the opportunity to conduct paid summer research and present that research at Florida International University's McNair Research Symposium. This fortuity gave her the courage to apply to graduate schools and participate in seven weeks of education at Oxford University. She recently started a successful blog in which she will share her experience abroad. Some say that "Fake it till you make it" is not the path to success. Guthrie disagrees. Last semester she worked two jobs, TA'd for a Composition class, took eighteen credits, and still maintained a 4.0 semester GPA. She knows that she can be anything and do anything with hard work, determination, and sharp networking skills.
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