Local Name Used

Dunn Bros Coffee


501 Paul Bunyan Drive Southeast
Bemidji, MN 56601
(218) 444-5252
6 AM - 7:30 PM Monday - Thursday
6 AM - 8 PM Friday
7 AM - 8 PM Saturday
7 AM - 7 PM Sunday
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Weekly events

Yearly events

Notes on patrons

Typical patrons of a coffee shop. There is the young intellectual crowd. The older, relaxed (~50) crowd. I was part of a (~24) couple that went there for a quick lunch. The people working there all seemed pretty young, in their 20's. There was a co-ed group towards the back that chatted the whole time. A couple (~50) sat behind me and read newspapers while enjoying their brew.
A group of three college aged girls were also leaving as I was arriving.

Notes on food

Great selection of food. Special of the day. They have hot and cold sandwiches that can be ordered in half sizes. Pastries. Soups.

Notes on drink

Wine in addition to standard coffee drinks! Fruit smoothies. Bottles of root beer/cream sodas.

Notes on service

Workers were very polite. The gal at the counter didn't get my order right after she asked me to repeat it twice, no worries.

Notes on atmosphere

Relaxed. There seemed to be three sections of the place. Sort of promoted communication within the sections, but you were completely blocked off from the others. There is a small wall with a couple computers set up so that people can check their email and whatnot. Fireplace with couches and comfy chairs. Lots of wood. Typical loudness of drinks being made. Doesn't seem like there would be enough table space to have a study session.
Art from local artists is featured and for sale. First Fridays art openings. 4:00 on first fri of each month

Notes on events

Website says that there is live music. I've never been there or heard of it happening though, so I can't say how often it happens.



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