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Day one Thursday:

My Opinion
I don't think that I have a problem with texting, actually, I think that it's getting tedious. I know I will honestly only miss texting one person The others are simply getting ridiculous. Here's a list of texts in my inbox from the most annoying texter: Obviously my texting life isn't that animated.

I wanted to discover what would happen if instead of texting a short sentence to somebody if actually calling and talking to the person, one on one, made any difference. I am going to test this out and see what happens. What I observe, what troubles I run into, and what benefits came out of this will be logged into here for your enlightenment or amusement. Specific examples and digressions with a short lesson/conclusion section at the end of each log.

Day 2 Friday:

Almost Failure
I'm in my car before work. I always text WA before I head inside and caught myself almost sending a text but I deleted it. What was so important? It read something like: "good morning! I get off work at 3pm need anything from town before I go home?" Well I couldn't make a phone call so early because I was pretty sure WA was still sleeping it being only six in the morning.

Instead I leave my phone in the center counsel and head inside for a full day without my phone.

Losing it
I keep touching my pocket to see if my phone's in there. Since it is not I get a slight shock of "oh my gosh I lost my phone" before realizing no I purposely left it in the car to avoid it's temptations.

I start feeling phantom texts. I brush against a counter and think my phone is going off, I hear a ding and think I'm getting a phone call. I must have done this half a dozen times and I soon realize that, yes, I do look at my phone throughout the work day a lot more than I thought I did. Usually happening at slow moments at work when no customers were in, I used to take out my phone and check texts or see what time it was, both were done unconsciously and now made conscious.

Missed Chance
Also after getting off work I check my phone. One text from WA who went fishing with a friend thinking I wouldn't be able to make it out on time. I give WA a call, jealous they got to go without me, but it was nice talking in person although the conversation was very short since I decided to go do my reading homework at home instead of reading in the fish house. We made plans to fish all day saturday.

The Day's Conclusions
Texting has negative affects. Phones really do take away from work. Even if it's a slight change--once you take them away you'll notice it's gone. We must get accustomed to it always being there. Even though you aren' using it, the time you take to read a text or to just take it out in the first place takes time away that most likely could be used better elsewhere. I think one could say that it takes away from the overall Focus and Flow of the day.

Although it takes away from focus, it was also perhaps was an escape from working. It was a reminder that I have a life outside of here, and a chance to find a little bit of sentiment before getting back into the swing of things.

Day 3 Saturday

Impending Disaster
My other job involves doing a couple house calls and only takes a few minutes, taking dogs outside, cleaning a little, feeding a cat...
My boss CT asked me earlier in the week if I could stop by Saturday afternoon and check up on somethings. Well I went fishing Saturday, with WA of course, and it wasn't until six pm I realized I had completely forgotten about it.

To Text or not to Text
I run to my phone that I had purposely left in WA's 2004 Titan Nissan due to this experiment of 'no texting'. Completely frustrated with myself for forgetting I sit with a pretty big decision. To text or not to text. I dial her number and force myself to call my boss who we usually have a pretty good 'texting' relationship. But this was a situation that needed some verbal communication. Why? Because certain things can only be communicated by voice. I honestly know this situation was dealt better by conversation than it ever could be through texts.

The Result
After apologizing profusely I learned that it wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be, CT was understanding since it happened to them occasionally too, grateful that I was honest, and although the circumstances were unfortunate CT asked if I would be available to work next month sometime.

A Deeper Look
Verbal communication has it's benefits, your tone can speak louder than most words. In my situation, a heartfelt apology was crucial. employers want people who actually care about their jobs. And had I not shown that through the sincereity of the conversation that took place I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have that job anymore.

On Second Thought. Perhaps if I had my cellphone on me, being more time conscious,would that have reminded me sooner? Would I have gotten the job done and avoided the whole situation altogether? Who knows. But I do know now that a phone call can communicate a lot more than a text.

Day 4 Sunday

Getting Easier
This day wasn't that hard. I didn't want to hang out with anyone so I avoided my cellphone although I checked it once during the day anyways. AJ sent me a few texts, and due to this experiment I ignored them completely without guilt.

The day was relaxing, did homework, and realized that I was going on Facebook a lot. I decided to keep off the technology wondering how much it actually influences daily life. I refuse to go on it the rest of the day too. I go for a short walk through the woods something I love doing but haven't had the time too, or good enough weather to do lately, it was a refreshing experience.

No texting can be relaxing. Not worrying about what's going on with other people is kind of nice. Putting up some of them boundaries and getting on with your own life is important. I lost my phone that day and eventually found it in a sweater pocket I had thrown in my dirty laundry. It was stressful looking for it since it was late at night and I use it as my alarm clock. But I believe it was pretty refreshing otherwise.

Day 5 Monday

Mondays are my worst day, up at 4am, to work from 6am till 3pm (only a fifteen minute lunch break of scarfing food) then rush to BSU for my evening class at 4, usually eating a granola bar in my car and then using my tip money to buy a gatorade out of the vending machine and maybe some pretzels too depending on the day. I got a text so I call WA for a brief moment before class starts. It's a pointless conversation but nicer, I decide, to hear their voice vs. a text that's fairly easy to be 'fakey' in. I'm late walking inside thinking that in this case a simple text would have been better.

Class Theory
During my Monday night class a subject is approached on Identity and how so often technology has become a means of finding identy through social media's like Facebook, constant texting of ongoing pointless conversations, and emails to know whats going on with others, all of which reassures us of who we are.

Self Identity
This is a scary thought since one's intentions can easily be misinterpreted, just look at Chance in Being There by Jerzy Kosinski. Self Identity should come from with in us NOT from anyone else. Maybe that was what I was beginning to discover unintentionally on day 5 without texting, feeling refreshed by doing what I enjoy.

Day 6 Tuesday

Girls night out was coming up, I received texts from my besties all day. It was a HUGE struggle not to respond with a simple text. I called one girl and we got some ideas going, she then texted the others but it got confusing fast. I resorted to going on Facebook. This was actually a lot easier than texting. We could all see exactly what the others wanted/said without forwarding or relaying things or getting the times/places mixed up.

Forgetting my parking permit for the Bangsberg parking lot at BSU in WA's car that I had been driving while my car was getting a new battery. Yes, I failed my week without texting and sent a 'venting' text about my stupidity. Darn. I failed. WA offered to bring it in, but since I have classes from 10am till 6:40pm I could leave my car parked along side of the road since my class breaks aren't long enough to go anywhere. Silly me.

More Temptations
I also got texts from a friend down in the cities needing a ride up to Bemidji since he is going to live with his mom from now on. I called RO and made plans to drive him up. But then later in the day had to call him back and cancel since my schedule made it hard to predict when I'd have time off in order to go down there for a weekend and I didn't want to let him down. RO was cool about it and said he actually knew of someone else that could drive him up. It was nice hearing my old friend's voice again and exciting that he would be living up here soon too.

Forced to interact
Waiting outside of class, I wasn't able to use my phone. I observed students on their phones, checking Facebook most likely since none were really texting but looked as if they were scrolling on websites. I felt shy, since I'm usually shy anyways, but started up conversation with a girl who I had worked with on a project before. We both agreed that it was fairly easy making it through the last chunk of reading, she took notes, I didn't take notes. She checked the time on her phone the professor was later than usual.

Small talk is becoming awkward, that should be a red light warning. We don't know how to communicate with others, and by putting away the phone it forces interactions. Being an introvert, and overtly shy, this is something I feel I need to work on as an individual. Sometimes it's nice to send a venting text. Growing up I had an amazing aunt who always told me it's therapeutic to write out your troubles in a journal. There's something great about writing down frustrations and just getting them out of you, and being shy it's not always easy to talk about your feelings but writing is easier and effective too.

Day 7 Wednesday


Texting has its benefits:
Sometimes a quick answer is necessary if you are in a rush. If you need to know what someone wants, (like from the grocery store) looking up the exact text and having it saved in writing is a lot easier than trying to remember what they said earlier that day. When going through a stressful monotonous day, its nice to be reminded you have a life outside of the routine.

Texting can be harmful:
Phones consume time even on a subconscious level, once you take it away you will notice it's gone and how much time goes into useing it. Verbal communication will always beat a text, sometimes a tone of voice conveys much more than words do. Also, it's alot less stressful to worry about other people's drama that comes through in texts. It also removes the need to make small talk causing the shy to keep being shy.
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