Downtown Professional Persona

David Neilson

Age: 35

Background: Works at a law office in downtown Bemidji. Is generally very busy during the day meeting clients. Enjoys coffee throughout the day. David lives past the city limits with his wife and two daughters. He is very family-oriented and his night life generally revolves around his children and his wife.

Interests: Can be picky when it comes to his coffee. David deals with a lot of a chaos and craziness at the law office, and likes to take his lunch breaks with a light meal and coffee in a quiet setting. He drinks almost every day, but in very small quantities. David usually has a beer or glass of wine with his dinner, but has little interest in drinking outside of the home at night.

Needs: David wants a peaceful and relaxing setting to wind down from the office bustle. He also needs a place where he can meet clients in a comfortable and non-threatening environment. Because of difficulties parking downtown during the day, David needs a place within walking distance from his office, as well as proximity to the courthouses.

Values: David appreciates a home-style feel to an eating establishment. He prefers a quiet and friendly environment. Born and raised in a small town not far from Bemidji, David much prefers small local establishments to big commercial chains.

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