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-everything important in plain sight
  1. Menu
    • Have a weekly schedule with daily specials
      • be able to skim over the top of the daily schedule to get a quick description of the food and click on it to get a full description of what it is, including calories, allergy info, etc.
    • Also have a full menu which can be available in alphabetical, by menu type, etc.
  2. Hours
    • Simple weekly hours at top. Have calendar. Have weekly events/deals going on.
  3. About
    • Mission statement, about the owner, inspirational perhaps
  4. Blog
    • Ask if he's going to have a blog which will talk about all of the above and perhaps recipes as well
  5. Reservations
    • Very simple- Calendar format. User can click on the date, time, number of people etc.
  6. Contact
    • Simple, straightforward, email, phone, perhaps hours as well, maybe links to hours? and other important pages.

-The following will all be on the front home page as tabs. Easy to be seen. Either at the top or going down the left side. Large font. Easy to distinguish.
-There will also be a large picture/or a tile grid of pics to show off weekly specials. Maybe a slideshow???


-very bright and bold. Perhaps orange, black, and yellow. Good colors to aid appetite.


-A simple image of a card with the hours. Find a font to use over the entire thing. Something very stylish.


-Images paired with meaningful text
-Perhaps a pic of the team as well as Rob holding his pasta in the middle?
-Pics of the delicious food?
-Maybe a timeline of where it began (in Rob's kitchen at home) to where it is now (a successful restaurant)


-Link to blog as well as a picture you can click on that leads to blog. Maybe a picture of someone holding out an Italian dish - leading lines. You click on pasta dish?


-Easy to understand calendar with pics around the outside. Make it fill the entire screen (unique because most sites don't do that)


-I'll let Lillian do this one. Same color scheme.
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