Developing Personas

Collecting Data and Constructing Personas

Refer to Wodtke, chap 2 and chap 6 for details and models.

1. Interview users, potential and other (chap 2, and p 131 - 132). You're interested in a range of users at this point, not a specific few.

2. Review your interview findings to develop some general demographics of users, including specific, relevant, and universal goals. Again, you're creating a range of users here, not a focused few.

3. Design the personas to create a clear picture of the users. (133) Move from general demographics to specifics.

3a. Start by ranking the personas
Create a total of 3 - 5 personas.

3b. Add personality to the personas. Create lives, drawing as closely as possible on the real interviews. Use quotes, fill out background, detail their goals (138).
4. Create persona pages, following the model on pp 138 - 9. Use a photo, demographic data, quote, profession or interests, background, and goals. You will develop these pages further.

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