602 2nd St. SE Nymore
Bemidji, Mn 56601


Hours: 11am-2am. Sundays 12pm-2am

Wifi seems to be on and off
ATM available


Corner Bar

The Corner Bar is located in the Nymore area of Bemidji. It is near the newly-built Sanford Center and is a popular spot for sports fans to stop in and grab a bite to eat. This is also a fan-favorite place to go after a BSU Beavers hockey game. Famous for its $5 pitchers, the Corner has something to offer for everyone.


If you have been to any sports bar, you have been to the Corner. It's nothing out of the ordinary. The bar relies on it the variety of its patrons instead to really shape the bar into the scene that it is. The Corner has all the amenities that you can find elsewhere; pool table, jukebox, and a lot of televisions. The bar is split off into different sections and tiers of seating. I like to think this is to discourage fights from organizing. Once the night gets rolling the music is primarily a mix of country and popular music, a compromise between the more rural patrons and the college kids there to have a good time.


Like most bars in town, the Corner Bar has events going on throughout the week. The most popular nights of the week are Mondays and Thursdays. On these nights the bar features $5 pitchers for any beer on tap. The crowd that you can find on these nights is typically the younger college crowd ready to get rowdy. <callout?>To attend pitcher night is to embark on a mission to have a good time.</callout> On any other night the crowd is usually composed of sports fans and rural folk looking to belly up and waste away the evening.

For other nights of the week the bar simply has shot and drink specials. Occasionally the Corner Bar will have events like darts on Wednesdays or poker on Sundays. To emphasize their pride in sports, any time the Minnesota Wild score a goal the entire bar can get a special discount on a bottle of beer.


The drink menu is not as extensive as some of the other [bars](http://backyardbbq/ "Backyard BBQ") and [pubs](http://brigids/ "Brigid's Cross") around town. The main difference is the lack of variety in beer. You can find your typical domestic beers on tap, including the bar favorite, Labatt Blue. If you were hoping for something more along the lines of a Guinness though, you are out of luck. Bartenders are generous with their rail liquors which a lot of patrons have grown to enjoy.
During busy hours of operation it can be difficult to get great service, but one could argue that it just adds to the experience of the Corner Bar.


The Corner Bar features a typical bar grill for its menu and the items are all reasonably priced. Patrons love it and it keeps them coming back. Burgers at the Corner are always in contention for the top burger in Bemidji. There are also a lot of options for fried food like mini tacos and chicken strips. If it can be fried, its probably a safe bet that the corner bar has it on the menu. However, they do offer some alternatives such as lunch meat sandwiches.

During the day you can find a wide variety of people in the bar for lunch. From businessmen, bar regulars, to college students, most people can find a reason to get over to the corner for lunch.


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