Corner Bar




Address 602 2nd St. SE Nymore
Phone 218-751-8872
Hours: 11am-1am. Sundays 12pm-1am
Wifi? Off and on
ATM? yes

Weekly events

There biggest draw seems to be their daily drink specials.

Yearly events

Notes on patrons

Not a lot of college kids seem to go here.
(It is too far out of town.)
I saw a few professors sitting at the bar enjoying the hockey game on one of the tvs.

Notes on food

Nice cheap food. Great Burgers and sandwiches that come with ripple potato chips.
Kitchen closes at 10 pm, but you can still get a pizza until 1 am.
There is only one cook, so it may take a while to get your meal--even if you get something simple. (It is usually worth it.)

Notes on drink

Daily drink specials

Notes on service

Decent service.
Takes a while to get food/drinks/check.
You have to know though that there aren't a lot of workers there.

Notes on atmosphere

This place gets very packed after/during hockey games/events at the Sanford Center.
Have a twitter account...doesn't get updated too often.

Notes on events

Scattered Events.
Sometimes darts on Wednesdays.
Sometimes Poker on Sunday nights.
Call ahead to find out.



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