Character Study

This is a character study for our class project. I am assuming that we are going to continue with our original idea of highlighting local bars and coffeehouses in Bemijdi. I am then also assuming that our target audience will be college-aged students--anywhere from 18-24.

How we present our material should be quick, to-the-point, diverse, and adaptable.

As a college student, if I want to find something out about a bar, it will be something other than their menu. It will be their drink selection, what attractions they have, what type of music they play.

People go to the bars more for the social experience than the drinks. If they just wanted to drink, they would have stayed at home.

So going off Chapter 2, this is what I see as a typical visiter to our website.
Please add and modify where you see fit.

I don't know if our class could use any of this, but I worked on a project last semester that dealt with Brigid's Cross in a small capacity. Brigid's Cross Pictures and an interview
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