Chapter 5 Exercise

Divide by time or sequence

Katy Perry tour schedule

This is an example of information sorted chronologically, however it is done pretty badly. The information is listed vertically, requiring a fair amount of scrolling to retrieve information. The long list of dates should be formatted differently, like Metallica's tour page. Obviously the 2nd page doesn't contain the same amount of information at the moment, but the smaller type and grid format would work much better.

Divide by task Bremer Bank

The navigation bar on the left-hand side features a "How Do I?" section. When a user clicks on any of these links, the required information fits on a page, with little-to-no scrolling required for easy viewing.

Divide by people/viewer/role

St. Cloud State University

On the home page, information is listed for future students, current students, parents & families, faculty, alumni, and community.

Divide by different kinds of information

The varying topics listed on this website are presented in a list on the left-hand side of the page. The list is long and requires some scrolling; however, all the topics are in alphabetical order making it easier for a user to browse efficiently.

Divide by questions

This metal forum's FAQ page has common questions grouped together by overall topic ("Login & Registration Issues", "Posting Issues", etc), and each specific question is a link which directs to a lower section of the page. The white-text-on-black-background works well, but some of the text is gray and can be difficult to read.
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