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We all know what catfish are; bottom feeders with fins and whiskers. That type of catfish isn't what has everyone talking. Catfish is a new mtv series that documents the face to face meeting of people who connect over social networking sites such as facebook. These people meet face to face to realize the other person was lying about who they were (hook, line, and sinker).
The biggest hoax of catfish to date is the Manti Te'o story. Manti is a Notre Dame football star who had an online relationship with a woman suffering from leukemia for nearly a year. He received lots of positive publicity for the relationship until it was confirmed that the woman never really existed. Shocked? Here comes the big finale. There is speculation that Manti was involved in the scam to gain publicity.
The Manti Te'o story along with numerous others have left us in a state of uncertainty on whether or not to pursue online relationships through social media. So why do we do it?
-list the pros
-list the cons

-connect links: catfish tv series, manti teo story, facebook

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