2219 Paul Bunyan Drive Northwest
Bemidji, MN 56601
(218) 751-9342

WiFi available and fairly reliable

Drive-thru Yes, Must go around mini shopping strip

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Though it is a chain coffee house, Caribou caters to all kinds of people. It's a place where the younger generation has more of a tendency to hang out. They sell a lot of merchandise from mugs, to coffee beans to cards you can give to loved ones. It may seem like they are trying to sell their business a bit to much but this may be the result of the fact that they are a chain coffee house. It's near a lot of larger shopping centers such as Wal*Mart, Target and Home Depot making it possible to run errands after getting your coffee.


The atmosphere is a little high energy and the acoustics of the building carry sound extremely well. Other conversations can be heard from the other end of building. The music that plays, which is of a radio station that plays new popular music, is relatively loud but not so much so that you can't hear the person next to you. It is extremely well light for those who want to do a bit of reading if they don't mind the busy surroundings. It has a cabin styled decor, with a fireplace giving it a nice rustic feeling, especially in the cold of winters. The bathroom is relatively clean with a sign that reminds workers that they must wash their hands after they use it. Games are provided for younger patrons, but the small tables may not be big enough for the board game and the drinks to rest on.


The food offered at Caribou is mainly muffins, sandwiches and salads.


Coffee and Tea are the main variety of drinks served. There is the option of having your drink served in a mug should you stay at Caribou to enjoy it. If you purchase a tea bag I have witnessed that they may give you a refill of warm water since one can usually get two uses out of one bag. There are a few options for cold drinks should you enter on a hot summers day.


A white hot chocolate is in the range of $3.00-4.00 so it isn't that expensive. The workers are relatively friendly adding to the warm homey atmosphere.

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