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Caribou Coffee


2219 Paul Bunyan Drive Northwest
Bemidji, MN 56601
(218) 751-9342
Early - 10:00pm

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Yearly events

Notes on patrons

During my visit there was my group, couple (~24). A group of 2 college students were doing homework at a large table. I chatted with a father and son that were waiting in line beside me. Throughout the visit several groups of older ladies (40-60) came in by pairs. Only a couple actually stayed, most left after they got their coffee. We also ran into a fewolder (~50) individuals that we know.
Most people ordered coffee, though 1 lady ordered some muffins to go.

Notes on food

Bou Breakfast - small breakfast sandwiches. Oatmeal. Bannana bread. Pastries/cookies.

Notes on drink

Typical coffee/tea drinks. Smoothies and iced coffees. Caribou features their own brand of coffee beans.

Notes on service

Very nice group of people. Made small talk while taking order. Usually younger workers when I go in there.

Notes on atmosphere

Lots of wood. During the day the large windows in the front let a lot of light in. Only other lighting is spotlights, no fluorescent. So during the night it gives a feeling of having house lamps provide the light.
Fireplace. Comfy chairs around the fireplace.
Lots of tables, good for studying if you want. Some tables have checkerboards painted on them. Couldn't find pieces though...
Kids area! Good for toddlers who come with their parents.
"Meet your Bou Crew" board - Little blurbs about the workers there.
Napkins had icebreakers/store facts on them.
Lots of stuff for sale - their own rain forest alliance certified coffee beans. Mugs, cup holders, etc...

Notes on events



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