211 2nd St NW
Bemidji, MN 56601

Open: 6:00 am - 6:00 pm

Accepts: Credit cards, cash and checks.

Price: Is fair though really all you can get is coffee, tea and a few snacks. Not the best for lunch or dinner.

Music: Plays new release pop, music is at the front of the store where you first enter. Walls that are set up to separate front from lounge area dulls the sound so it's rather quiet. Music does not reach far back where there is Italian plaza design.

Outdoor Seating: No

Drive Through: Yes

Wi-Fi: Yes, desktop computers are also provided for guests to use.

Games: Yes, for younger children to play with to keep them entertained.

Shopping: CantaBria is next to the Pawn shop and a door connecting the two stores is there so you may go shopping after you're drink.

Lighting: The front is bright because of the windows but the back is dark. Looking at Laptops and reading books can hurt the eyes when the room is that dark.

Napkins: The counter were you find the sugar and napkins is hidden in a corner and you don't see it coming in since it's behind a wall. It doesn't take long to find it but you don't see it right away either.


Exterior (Adam)
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