CM Punk - Is the Best in the World

Brooks had won his first World Heavyweight title, and he was on his way to the WWE Hall of Fame. Best in the World? Well if he is not, then he is as good and as close as it is going to get this generation. Brooks defeated John “Bradshaw” Layfield in his first title defense on Raw, the very same night he won the title.
Brooks held the World Heavyweight title for several months, up to Unforgiven when the then early version of “Legacy” (a three man group) attacked him backstage and he was forced to forfeit the title. Although he was afforded a rematch for the title won by Chris Jericho, he was unable to regain the title in the steel cage match.
He switched things up a bit when he teamed with Kofi Nahaje Sarkodie-Mensah (aka Kofi Kingston), a high flyer of a wrestler, for a shot at the tag team titles. They defeated Ted Dibiase and Cody Runnels (aka Cody Rhodes) and went on to face Team Orton at Survivor Series. Their team lost the match, and Punk ignored the loss and gained momentum by entering an Intercontinental Championship tournament. The tournament awarded the winner a shot at the Intercontinental Championship on a later day.
Brooks defeated Snitsky, Morrison, and Rey Mysterio respectively to win the tournament in the final match at Armageddon. During the duration of the tournament Brooks and Kingston lost the Tag Team titles to Morrison and The Miz. January 5, 2009 Brooks received his match against Darren Matthews (aka William Regal) on an episode of Raw for the Intercontinental title. This match and the rematch the following week both resulted in a disqualification. These results lead to a No Disqualification match on the January 19th episode of Raw, where Brooks quickly dispatched Regal and won the title. This victory made Brooks the 19th Triple Crown Champion, which means he held World Heavyweight title, Tag Team title and Intercontinental title all in his career. This is quite the accomplishment for a wrestler at just 30 years of age, who was able to accomplish it in the quickest amount of time in history.
After losing the title that March, Brooks went on to win his second Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania 25, first person ever to win two times. A feud with Eddie Fatu (aka Umaga) slowed down his ability to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase. But at Extreme Rules Brooks cashed in his briefcase after Jeff Hardy won his title match and defeated Hardy for his second World Heavyweight title reign. After two matches with him retaining the title, Brooks lost the title to Jeff Hardy at Night of Champions. Brooks quickly regained the title at Summerslam against Hardy in a TLC match (Tables Ladders and Chairs). Brooks successfully defended his title against Mark Calaway (aka The Undertaker) at Breaking Point, but would lose the title to The Undertaker the following month at Hell in a Cell in a Hell in a Cell match.
After failing to regain the title twice, Brooks went on to an angle where he was “Messiah like” in being the leader of the Straight Edge Society. This continued for a few months before Brooks was placed again in the World Heavyweight title picture, although the title still eluded his grasp. After ending his Straight Edge Society, Brooks came back from injury to control the New Nexus group and feud with John Cena. This still did not lead to another title reign.
Finally in June of 2011, after defeating John Cena, Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio individually in three matches, Punk was afforded a title match at Money in The Bank pay per view. After receiving the title match he revealed that his contract would end after the pay per view. This lead to a déjà vu feeling that echoed his final months in Ring of Honor. Brooks was given a on air suspension due to his remarks about the way the WWE was being run, which was overturned on John Cena’s insistence. Brooks was again becoming a fan favorite, and two weeks later at Money in the Bank he defeated John Cena to become the WWE Champion on his final night under WWE contract.
Brooks made teaser appearances with the WWE title and even offered the winner of the championship tournament, Rey Mysterio, a title match for the real championship that he held still. This lead to Brooks interrupting Cena’s title celebration on Raw after Cena had defeated Rey Mysterio. Brooks walked to the ring with his WWE championship belt, to show claim that Brooks was in fact the true WWE Champion.
This issue led to a feud between him and Cena, which resulted in Cena losing to Brooks at Summerslam. Brooks immediately lost the title to Del Rio when Del Rio cashed in his briefcase following the match. Brooks regained the title at Survivor Series against Alberto Del Rio. This new title reign would go on to place Brooks as a contender for “Best in the World”. He defeated Del Rio, The Miz, Nicholas Nemeth (aka Dolph Ziggler), Chris Jericho (2x, Mark Henry, Chris Jericho again, John Cena (2x), Big Show, Ryan Reeves (aka Ryback, 2x) and John Cena. He held the title for 434 days, longest in the modern era, before being defeated at the Royal Rumble in 2013 by Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock).
Although Brooks has not currently regained the WWE Championship, he is moving forward quickly to take on the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29 for the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak (20-0).
Brooks has rumbled with most of the current very best in the business, and come out looking top notch even in defeat. He is a Triple Crown Champion, and has the longest WWE Championship reign of the Modern Era. He has been recognized with awards from “Pro Wrestling Illustrated”, Revolver (Golden God Award for Most Metal Athlete) and “Wrestling Observer” along with winning 6 Slammy Awards.
For Brooks to claim to be the Best in the World is not something this writer sees as an embellishment.
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