Sidebar info:
317 Beltrami Avenue Northwest
Bemidji, MN 56601-3104

Mon-Wed : 4pm - 11pm
Thurs - Sat : 12 noon - 1am
Mon-Wed : 4pm - 9pm
Thurs-Sat : 12 Noon - 9pm
Closed Sunday

Monday - Trivia night
Tuesday - Game night
Wednesday - Wine specials
Thursday - Open mic night


Brigid's Cross is the authentic Irish pub in downtown Bemidji. It is located across the street from the Paul Bunyan Playhouse, which fits right in with artistic atmosphere of this establishment. The polished wood surfaces and black attire of the bar staff lets one know that <callout?>Brigid's Cross is not your typical sports bar. </callout?> Weekly events such as trivia and open mic nights are popular, and the pub also hosts the occasional live band on its cozy stage.

The pub employs bartenders that are friendly, professional, and always efficient. Even when the bar is packed, they ensure that patrons get their drinks in short order, and always with a smile.


Brigid's Cross has a wide variety of beers on tap, including Finnegans (a Minnesota ale) and imports such as Guinness, Smithwicks, and Strongbow hard cider. Seasonal beers from regional breweries such as Summit in St. Paul and Lake Superior in Duluth are also featured. Domestic beers such as Bud Light, Michelob Golden Light, and Miller Lite are served in bottles. Brigid's Cross also serves the standard hard liquors, a variety of wines, and also a selection of nearly 20 different kinds of both Irish and Scotch whiskey.

What helps set Brigid's apart from other Bemidji bars is the way they combine some tap brews to create unique drink mixes. The Poor Man's Black Velvet (Guinness and hard cider), the Black & Tan (Bass ale layered with Guinness), and the Evil Blacksmith (Smithwick's, Guinness, and Jameson whiskey) are just a few examples. These specialty pours provide some variety for patrons who are interested in something other than "just a beer."


Brigid's Cross has a kitchen that, during the day, serves full meals consisting of soups, meat, burgers, and sandwiches. A few Irish dishes are served, including fish & chips, bangers & mash, and shepard's pie. Even after the kitchen closes for the night, patrons can still order pizza.


Monday nights are trivia night at Brigid's Cross, with more obscure questions provide a challenge for trivia enthusiasts. On Tuesday nights, Brigid's has a selection of typical board games as well as table skittles, and Wednesdays wine specials are featured. Thursday's open mic nights are popular, where anyone can perform music or read poetry. Special events include live bands on the weekends, and on both New Years Eve and St. Patrick's Day the bar fills up with celebratory-minded patrons.




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