Brigid's Cross

Full Name as it appears on the venue


317 Beltrami Avenue Northwest
Bemidji, MN 56601-3104
(218) 444-0567
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Weekly events

Monday - Trivia night, very tough/obscure questions
Tuesday - advertised game night, they have some house games and typical board games
Wednesday - Wine specials advertised
Thursday - Open mic night

Yearly events

Halloween - Lots of people come out in costume for a show/costume contest
St. Pats day
New Years Eve - usually some sort of theme

Notes on patrons

In the past 2 visits (Trey)-
1st visit- 5p.m. or so on a Tuesday, I was in my group of 4 guys just going for a beer for a no particular reason. There were 2 students doing homework at the bar, 1 with a laptop. 2 separate groups came in while there. One was a mom(~40) and kids, they came in to eat. They seemed to be in a little bit of a rush. The other group was a couple(~50) that had a drink and ate some dinner, much more relaxed.

2nd visit-11p.m. Thurs - open mic night. Place was winding down but still very crowded. Met my 2 friends up there to make sure they had a ride home. There were lots of younger people(college) around talking in groups, laughing, and having a good time. Restaurant was segregated, music down below, socializing up above. The people down below were very much listing to the person singing/playing. The people up higher were much more interested in socializing with one another.

Notes on food

Pretty good food for a bar, doesn't seem to be the typical burger/fries. Beer battered walleye and mashed potatoes, very good. Kitchen closes at 9, before the late-night crowd comes in. You can get a frozen pizza after the kitchen closes.

menu here -

Something possibly worth mentioning on the website, Brigid's Cross serves a few authentic European dishes such as shepard's pie and fish and chips. I don't see it on the above menu, but I've had bangers and mash there as well. (Adam)

Notes on drink

Best beer selection in town, hands down. Beers rotate fairly often and there is usually something for the pretentious beer snob inside of you. Guinness is always on tap. Recently, Leech Lake Brewery has been featured at the pub. This is a local small brewery. Hard liquor seems typical for a bar, nothing incredibly exclusive. Do they even have domestic beer(bud/coors/etc..) on tap?

Notes on service

During slower hours, barkeeps will offer you a seat. If the bar is busy, it is still possible to order a drink. If there is a show or it is a holiday then it is much more difficult to get the attention of a bartender. Workers are typically younger, and they are usually very friendly. Most of the workers even seem to hang out there even when not working.

On St. Patrick's Day, the place is wall-to-wall with patrons.

Notes on atmosphere

Seems to be catered more to the intellectual crowd because of the people that hang out there and their drink selection. Lots of wood and Irish paraphernalia, gives it a good Irish pub feel. There is 1 t.v. I've only seen it on during slow hours and when some international students were there watching a soccer game. Sometimes they play music via some sort of satellite radio, it seems to be bartenders preference on if there is actually music playing though.

Notes on events

Open mic night is always a highlight of the week. Lots of people come out to this, mostly a younger college crowd.

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