Setup is efficient and clean, yet allows for fresh content to easily be added on top of everything else.
Page can get packed after time, and it is only allowed a few topics in each section of news. No easy way to go about fixing that issue.
Buying or Selling? eBay gives users the chance to filter the site into a few major tasks. Selling and buying both have their own dedicated sections, with chances to jump back and forth throughout. Your own account is split into the categories as well, so you're never too far off from seeing if you won that bid, or if your item sold.
Main navigation breaks up the site into the very different categories of open-source programs. Are you a developer or a user? Are you creating a project or working on one? etc. Clearly stated, and no difficulties encounter while browsing each area.
Breaking down the social network into categories of media. Video, Photo, and Text are all separated so that a viewer can find exactly what they are looking for right off the bat. Each is labeled clearly on the left navigation, which can be considered its own, rather than a sub-nav. The content is changed, but the page remains the same.
Finding information on a question or topic can be tricky, so the F.A.Q. is where to look. It categorizes content so that the user can find the information with only a few clicks. The info is spread across one page, with interior links allowing you to jump to whatever content is needed.
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