Break Web Content into Topics and Subtopics


Redish, in chapter 5, discusses 5 ways of breaking up and re-organizing large documents into manageable, useable chunks on the web

Use your WikiName page for this exercise. You can either do the exercise on your wiki name page, or start a new page for the exercise.

Find an example for each way of dividing and indexing large documents. Copy and paste the url into your page, then make some observations on how the pages work: How the logic of the division is signaled, how the design helps users navigate the chunks, difficulties you see, and ways you might address those difficulties.

There may be more than 5 ways to chunk information. If you find one, mention it, link to it, and comment on it. We saw some of these ideas come up when we looked at the BSU Women's Hockey Schedule page. That page divides and organizes a large document by time - and uses it to organize other documents by detail.


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