Local Name Used

Blue Ox Bar & Grill

100 Beltrami Avenue Northwest
Bemidji, MN 56601
(218) 444-3171



Weekly events

Yearly events

Notes on patrons

Normally you can see groups of college kids all around talking and socializing, with the occasional group of adults sitting up at the bar. Regulars weren't too be seen on a Monday night, but the weekend holds something. (update soon)

Notes on food

Notes on drink

Not the largest selection of top-shelf brands, but plenty of standard liquor to pour down the throats of the masses of college kids that flood the bar. Taps usually have your standard selection of beers (list coming soon).

Notes on service

Notes on atmosphere

Large enough for casual talk without too much eavesdropping, but when the music starts all bets are off. Can be a little crowded due to shows going on each weekend, but during the week it turns into a casual bar environment. Probably not the place to go just enjoy a beer with your meal.

Notes on events

Great live shows almost weekly. Normally the music is the main attraction for people to gather there, so it would definitely be the top reason for people to stop by.



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