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Well, another long one for now: Fun Places in the Bemidji Area to take Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Pretty much self-explanatory: a review of different places in the area to take kids -- which ones are ASD-friendly. Some things parents of kids with ASD have to consider are: noise level, visual stimuli, flourescent lights, self-flushing toilets, automatic doors and hand-dryers, likelihood of large crowds, acoustics, strong smells, wait time for meals, places or ways to get sensory needs met, etc. Some places are just easier for kids with autism to enjoy.
This one would be helpful, possibly educational, and maybe also a way to raise awareness and understanding.
Parents, caregivers, and teachers of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Key terms in the title and headings. This is also an issue I have discussed with other parents -- there is a need for this kind of information put together in one place. The article will be about people (my family, my son and his friends, and other families in the community), and is something I have an interest in and passion for.
Either Reviews or Real Life
I have some knowledge in this area -- trial and error and some serendipidous events. I would also interview other parents in the community. Possibly take some trips to check stuff out for myself.
- Bemidji Autism Network
- Autism Speaks
- Information related to sensory processing disorders
- links to the businesses themselves, if they have an online presence (Probably just the ones I am recommending)
I think this one may be 1,500 words. I have to gauge how many places I can write about. It may be longer, but there are just not a lot of places in this area that are really easy for kids with sensory issues. And they closed the Blackduck theater.

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