Because I Have To

I'm Samantha Crews. I want to write for a living, because that's one thing I've always had and always loved. I also take pictures of anything and everything; I keep an eye out for cool pictures from other people too. This led to my interest in the places in those pictures and how the people taking the pictures got to those places. Now I want to travel. I'm always looking at destinations now, how to travel cheap - because I have no money - and how to interact with locals, etc. So, I discovered bloggers who could tell me these things, preferably from personal experience, like Hand Luggage Only and The Blonde Abroad and Nomadic Matt. So, over time I developed an interest in blogging. Writing, photography, and travel...sounds like a good deal to me. If I can make a small amount of money through blogging that would be neat, too. Then again, I won't travel forever, maybe a couple years.

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