Info: Bar and Grill (Grill-barbeque food--ribs, pulled meat, etc.)
Address: 119 3rd St. NW/Bemidji/MN/56601
Phone: 218) 444-4539

Weekly events: Minors aren't allowed in after 9 pm daily.

Yearly events

Notes on patrons: Most of the patrons were sitting around the bar, watching TV.

Notes on food: BACKYARD BBQ doesn't offer typical bar food. They offer BBQ--chicken, ribs, pulled meat, sloppy joes, so no burgers.

Notes on drink: BACKYARD BBQ offers Pepsi products, as well as alcoholic drinks.

Notes on service: Very fast service. Right as we walked into the bar, they cleaned off a table for us. After we placed our order, we waited maybe 2-3 minutes and received our drinks and food! The food was hot and fresh, and and the drinks were nice and cold! And the service was great!

Notes on atmosphere: BACKYARD BBQ looks small on the outside, but that is definitely not the case. You walk inside and its's a very deep bar. As you walk in the entrance, you pass through an entry way, and you open the door and walk into the bar. The bar itself is huge. Past the bar, there are long picnic tables (where 6-8 people can sit comfortably). For the walls, there is wood paneling on the bottom half and the top half is painted a yellow color. On the yellow portion, they have old black and white pictures, as well as some fish wall decor. However, the yellow portions look kind of blank. Even though they have pictures and decor hanging on the wall, it wouldn't hurt to add more.

Notes on events: There is a stage area in BACKYARD BBQ, but it looks unfinished. You can play a game of pool or throw darts. When we were there, it was around 7 at night, and there wasn't any music playing, but that makes it nice for people who want to go there and talk, not shout across the table.


Exterior (Adam)
outside (EM)


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