Review Notes for BDAN
13 April 2011


All pages:
Don't use colons after headings
"Links" - use this heading with its own section if you want to mention and link to other places
When listing events for a page, make sure they are all consistent (are we doing bulleted lists/paragraphs/numbered lists etc...)
Coffee pathway page:
Cabin page:
Layout/Events - change to just "Layout"
Drink & Food - change to separate headings; Drinks, Food.
Drop 2nd picture down a little so that the heading isn't pushed halfway into the page


All pages:
WiFi - we are using this format
(link in sidebar) - make sure pages with this are actually adding links into the sidebar
consistent use of punctuation

Bar Pathway:
Toasy Beavers:
first line - "Bemidji's new sports bar " - make it the first sentence? Or is it ok standing alone as it is? The next line repeats info
"There is The pool tables are used often" - clean up sentence
typos in general need to be cleaned up

Coffee pathway page:
list hours beside coffee shop
Cabin page:
serif font in the side bar - sans serif in the body - make both the same
rewrite "stop while shopping" to "stop by while shopping"
typos in page - "costumer" in sidebar, etc...
Facebook - capitalize - also make it a link to the cabin's page
Drink & Food - use of ellipses, use comma or dash instead.
"The food at the cabin is very unique" - unique not a great word to use
Caribou page:
change sidebar to sans serif
"acoustics carry well" - just say that it is loud
more description in the "Food" section

other headings

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