Bemidji Night

Despite the quaint small town charm of Bemidji during the daylight hours, the city actually boasts a fairly lively night life especially in the downtown area. Several of the most popular drinking spots are located within mere blocks of one another, allowing the restless drinker a great setting to barhop. The popularity of Bemidji's night scene as one of the region's more prosperous towns, along with a nearby college campus means that the city in the pines can certainly show a visitor a good time. The locals are friendly and Bemidji is an excellent place to meet one of the most diverse populations of people who come from all over.

The night life in Bemidji revolves around the nine distinct bars . Each bar has its own unique atmosphere, specials, and event that make sure the residents of Bemidji and visitors alike never have a dull night.

The bars are in three main areas of Bemidji with the most concentrated are being downtown:
(with all the bars linked to their destination page)


South of Lake Bemidji

North of Town on Old 71/Bemidji Ave.

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