Am I too old to go back to school? At times, I think, yes.

But I lie. I am in college - again. Call it V2.0. I do other things too - unintentionally, but I do them all the same.

I make babies cry, cause men to inexplicably move away from me in social settings, incense women with my distaste for shopping, and have a complete inability to practice the Swedish lagom.

I've lived as far south as Nashville and as far north as Burrmidji. I've had a child, went to college, went to work, raised my child, left my job, and back to college. I enjoyed my time in corporate America, particularly having an expense account. An expense account is truly as fun as it sounds.

I've worked in technical field support, financial sales, management, and Business 2 Business sales. I've seen a lot of the country. Cicero Avenue around Midway in Chicago is a barrel of fun at night. Cabbing it to LAX at 6am after 48 hours of a no sleep business trip, eating toothpaste and pondering my first Rave are treasured memories.

I've friends in many states in this country, and though they regularly change their addresses, I find them again.

My proudest life accomplishment to date has been raising my daughter. She is a beautiful, talented young woman who now pays out the nose for therapy to repair all the damage I caused raising her.

Contact me at and I might just respond...
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