Erika the Jock

What's happening world? Erika here. Most people call me Wheelhouse, which is my last name (not to be confused with a house on wheels). I am a student-athlete. I will be the first to admit I put more effort into being an athlete than I do the student part. I play hockey. I love hockey. I go to school because society says it is important, and so does my mother. Someday I will grow up, get a job, and become some boring stiff who gets home at 8 pm just to complain about having to do the same thing tomorrow. Right now, I plan on being a poor college student learning about life through making mistakes and watching others make bigger ones.

I have no dreams of writing the next great American novel. I have no dreams of writing much of anything except for what is required for this course. I spend my free time reading books (chick books like Nicholas Sparks or Jodi Picoult), eating chocolate, and going on random adventures. My friends and I are thinking Vegas for our next random adventure. That is where I plan on meeting my future husband and a year later getting my first divorce since that is all the new rage in this era. That way I have two reasons to celebrate with my college friends who I would probably never see once real life gets in the way and we all go our separate ways. All in all, my mother calls me a free spirit guided by impulse and sarcasm. I call her my adoptive mom since I have red hair and she has brown.


Erika the Psych Major

My name is Erika Marie Wheelhouse. I grew up in a small town named Crookston, MN. From there, I came to Bemidji State University to play hockey and get an education. I am currently a senior captain of the Women's Hockey Team. As the only senior defense(wo)man, I take the lead role of teaching and setting an example for my peers in the defensive end. Trying to lead a group of 25 college-aged emotional women can get exhausting at times, but at the end of the day they are still my second family.

After college, I plan on taking a year off of school to find a small job and make some money. I think it is important to not rush the rest of your life. We are expected to have motivations and fill expectations of becoming something worthwhile to society. We are expected to do all of that in our first 25 years of our lives. I want to spend my last few years of those 25 trying to explore who I am and the things I can do before I settle into a routine of society's life cycle. After that, I will decide whether or not to apply for graduate school. If I do continue my schooling, I will look into becoming a sports' psychologist or something working with children. I want to find a job I enjoy as much as I have enjoyed my current job of just being an athlete.



I only did two autobiographies, but they are both very different in tone and style.

Psych Major
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