Autobiography 1


Well, here I am, fourteen years after what was supposed to be a one-year break between undergraduate and graduate school, living in the last place I ever thought I would end up. Life takes some strange turns.
My name is Anna Belisle Hamann. Yup, I kept my maiden name as a middle name.
I have a terrible time making decisions, and kept vacillating between changing and not changing my name when I married my husband, and ended up with this arrangement. It seemed easier, that is, until we moved to Iowa and I ended up in a disagreement with the harpy at the DMV who didn’t believe a person could have two middle names and took it upon herself to hyphenate my name. This then led to a letter from the IRS a year later when my social security card and tax information didn’t match my driver’s license.
We have since moved back to Minnesota, first to Rochester, and now to Bemidji. Since graduating from college the first time I have only worked for non-profit organizations, both public and private. In addition, there has never been a time in the seventeen years I have known my husband that one or the both of us hasn’t been in school. Needless to say, we fly by the seat of our pants financially. Anyway, here I am, back in school pursuing my masters, and not sure at all what I will do with it once I have it. But at least my name is properly consistent on all of my legal paperwork these days.

Autobiography 2

I am Anna Belisle Hamann.

I first became involved in advocating for children’s issues as a grant writer for a private non-profit in central Iowa. When my son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of six, my world narrowed a bit as I needed to teach myself everything that I could about this part of his life. The only information that medical and education specialists could seem to give me was that there was no cure, no treatment, and little hope that he would be able to continue in a regular educational setting and live independently. Most devastating of all, we were told repeatedly he would not be able to form close attachments to other human beings. What we didn’t know at the time is that he doesn’t need to be cured of who he is, and that no cure does not mean no progress. What I know now, what I want to make sure other parents know, is that anyone that says an individual with an Autism Spectrum Disorder cannot form close, meaningful relationships with people has never really gotten to know someone on the Spectrum. Love is expressed, felt, shared, and communicated in such a vast multitude of ways. In an effort to make sure other families in this area receive the information, support, and encouragement they need I am part of the Bemidji Autism Network.

Autobiography 3

My name is Anna Hamann. After growing up in Hastings, Minnesota, and graduating from St. Cloud State University in 1998 with a BS in English, I then traveled to Iowa. I lived in Ames, Iowa for five years, during which time I briefly taught seventh through twelfth grade. I then took a position as the director of a summer youth program with the United School District, and ended up working as a grant writer for the same non-profit agency. I gained invaluable experience successfully writing grants, networking for the agency, and presenting information to organizations and funding boards, both public and private. I have since returned to Minnesota, and am now living in the Bemidji area.
I have renewed my Minnesota teaching license to teach grade seven through twelve language arts, and am nearing completion of my Master of Science degree in English. I have, for the past five years, coached the Bemidji High School speech team, instructing speakers in thirteen distinct categories and helping eighteen different students achieve advancement to the State Speech Competition.

Autobiography 4

About Anna Belisle Hamann

I am a graduate student at Bemidji State University working on my MS in English, returning to school twelve years after finishing my undergraduate degree. I am teaching Composition and Argument and Exposition at Bemidji State, and coaching speech at Bemidji Senior High School. That is Speech, as in forensics,not speech, as in speech pathology. My favorite categoriesto coach are Great Speeches and Poetry. Great Speeches because it is argument, informative, and rhetorical analysis all rolled into one. Poetry because students just don't encounter enough poetryanymore. What my speechers find and bring in for me to read is just the most fascinating stuff.

Let's see . . . what else? I have two children, fifteen chickens, a dog, and a cat. Somehow I have ended up living in Bemidji, Minnesota with this menagerie, and find I enjoy it much more than I thought I would.

Because of my children, I have actually watched every Godzillamovie ever made. Okay, it only feels like I have watched them all. In reality it has just been the first ten. I also spend more time than I ever before thought I would in various comic book stores and hobby shops. My oldest son has Asperger's Syndrome,so I have learned quite a bit about the various things he has developed a passion for over the years: trains, sailing ships, ancient Eqypt, the Titanic, Star Wars, comic books, and legos.

Besides teaching and coaching speech, my scholarly interests involve fairy tales and feminist psychoanalytic literary theory.

Analysis Notes

Autobiography 1: aka the twit
stance: possibly entertaining. Friendly, approachable. I certainly wouldn't seek advice from this person, unless it was how to successfully deal with suspicious IRS agents. Not informative or helpful. Superficial.

Sentence structure:

Audience Markers: Ah, enacting conversational interactions. There is one of those

Autobiography 2

stance: passionate (this one was the easiest to write). possibly informative, calming -- not entertaining or superficial, not necessarily friendly, but helpful. personal

Sentence structure:

Audience markers:

Autobiography 3: snore

stance: impersonal, reads more like a resume or a work bio. informative, possibly helpful if one was trying to determine whether or not this person was capable of a job/task. a bit authoritative. more power distance.

Sentence structure:
Audience markers:

use the 4th one

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