I grew up in central Texas and West Texas, with my parents and 7 sisters. Yes that's right, I have no brothers only sisters. That right there was more trouble than most would understand. Try looking out for and protecting sisters who are older than you, 4 of which my sisters are. With older sisters comes older boyfriends, which in turn equals lots of fights I would and could not win.

I tested out of High School at 16 years old and was in college by 17. I spent my first year in college at College of the Southwest (now University of the Southwest). I was, not surprisingly, the youngest student there, which made for a very interesting first year experience. I worked at a Book/Music/Video store called Hastings while attending college and living at a friend's home.

Once I turned 18, I joined the U.S. Air Force after almost choosing the Navy (that would have been regretful). After joining, I went to boot camp for 8 weeks at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas. Let me tell you have fun it was to be in boot camp in Southern Texas in the month of August. From Lackland AFB I was sent to Hueneme.aspx Port Hueneme, California to attend Tech School with, that's right, the U.S. Navy (I just can't get away from these guys).

My first duty station was in New Jersey at McGuire AFB/Fort Dix. What a trade, go from Navy to Army. I spent sometime there while taking multiple deployments to the desert, joining convoys for the Army as their personal mechanic. (They don't explain how your gonna be whored out to different branches when you join the Air Force). I did spend one of these many deployments serving a Navy Seabeesdetachment (whored out again). But never once did I work with, along side of or any other fashion with the Marine Corps. I do not regret this, as my treatment being the only Airman in the deployments with Army and Navy personnel always went so well.

After all this fun, I volunteered for a year in South Korea at Kunsan AFBKunsan AFB. Talk about feeling isolated. I begin dating, while serving in S. Korea, my pretty much high school sweetheart. I was married on break, and we did the wedding ceremony upon my departure from the Air Force and S. Korea. Our wedding was held at Bel Aire Baptist Church. Nine months later, my son was born (May 30, 2008), and we were living at the time in New Mexico. We had a 3 bedroom home, and I did work for the State Prison as a Corrections Officer.
Lea County Correctional Facility

In 2009, after my parents moved in 2008, we decided to join them in Bemidji, MN where my dad was teaching at the local college.

And skipping all the boring stuff, I am now a single father graduating from college this year, with a degree in Liberal Studies. This fall I will be attending graduate school for a Master's Degree in English. I am currently remodeling my home in Bemidji, and preparing to send my son to his first year in Elementary this Fall.

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