Assignment Ch 1-2

Autobiography 1

Greetings world, I am Lilly Igbokwe, a Philadelphia resident and an writer currently studying in Bemidji, Minnesota. I have recently won second place in the 2010-2011 Judith Stark Award for Fiction. I am ready to embark on a fantastic journey through genres of drama and speculative fiction.

Even with the little success that I have achieved so far, I am still wary of others reading my work and my present mission is to break that habit; a habit that manifested at the age of ten after my sister said my work was crap.
I am hoping for an internship at a publishing company or a literary magazine , online or in print. I am dying for an opportunity to dig through slush pile of submissions and have some say in what gets publish.

Autobiography 2

I like the quiet things: a library full of books and silence, a park with only the sound of nature and a cold evening in the warm indoors with a brand new novel. As can anyone can tell from this, I have an introverted nature.

Yarn is also part of my leisure time. I have wasted countless hours on online looking at knitting and crochet patterns and different techniques of how to knit and purl my way to a new creation. There's a whole lot of pride to be had in creating something with your own two hands. I'm still an amateur, though and I have yet to conquer knitting cables or complete a sweater.

Autobiography 3

I am media obsessed and everyone is nowadays, I suppose. What I watched on television as a kid has much to do with what kind of person I am today, from Saturday morning cartoons to documentaries on PBS. I have strong interest in reality shows, however, only the ones that involved competition, such as America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, Top Chef, and Work of Art. I tend to like movies that are heavy in atmosphere and/or have an interesting concept, such as Akira Kurosawa's Ran and Ripley Scott’s Blade Runner.


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