Me? Really?

Okay here are the basics
My name is Kelley Ryan, with two e's.
I was born in St. Louis, Missouri in February 1975.
I am the bossy older sister of two siblings.
I currently live in Grand Rapids, MN and commute to BSU where I am working on a graduate degree in English.
I have an undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts from St. Johns College in Annapolis/Santa Fe.
My first attempts a college were utter failures I attended University of Puget Sound and flunked out twice.
Then I attended the University of Nebraska at Kearney where I took some night classes before attending St. Johns to see if I was ready for school yet. I was.
My husband of 5 years is a Director at a summer camp, the same camp where we met in 1997. He is my best friend and editor.
I like to spend my free time reading, writing, investing, sewing, and cooking. I'm a home body.
I'm not bored often but I'm picky about my free time.
I don't have a lot of time for people I don't like.

Who Me?

Hi, my name is Kelley Ryan and here is a little bit about myself. I am a student here at BSU. This is my third year as a Graduate Assistant with the English department. During my free time I like to read good books, sew stuff with my best buddy Laura, and make yummy soups. I also occasionally like to watch terrible TV shows like anything with housewives or involving Kardashians, please don't hold that against me. I met my husband at a summer camp in 1997, we were both counselors. We finally decided to get married 5 years ago in Hawaii just the two of us, it was wonderful, I highly recommend giving up the big wedding idea. I am looking forward to being out in the real world again soon, I always seem to end up somewhere interesting. I have worked several jobs since my undergraduate degree including working as an interpreter and guide at a living history site. That was probably one of the best jobs I have ever had and the uniform was really something special, turn of the century blouses, long skirts, black lace up boots and special hair ties. It was a summer job that I had to leave early when I found something more permanent but wow was that a blast. One of the other people who worked there came up to me one day and said "congratulations, you have discovered the best dead end job in Grand Rapids." He wasn't kidding. Who knows, maybe I'll end up back there for a spell:)


My name is Kelley Ryan. I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, I am the oldest of three kids born to Jim and Mary Lou Ryan. I spent all of my first 18 years in St. Louis but I have spent the other 18 years in a number of places. I have lived in Washington, Maryland, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and now I live in Grand Rapids, MN. I have now officially lived in Grand Rapids for ten years, and while I still hesitantly call it home, it just might be. I love the idea of moving again and learning about a new area but as I get older the work involved in carving out a space for yourself in a brand new location sounds like a lot of work, although I still hold out hope that I will one day live somewhere with kinder winters. I share my home with my dog Lola and my husband Dan. Dan and I met at Camp Mishawaka a traditional summer camp where we were counselors in Grand Rapids in 1997. We lived together for years before finally deciding to get married in 2006. I have had a number of different jobs but I am still looking for my place in the world which is why I'm back a school. I came to BSU three years ago to work on a masters in English because I love reading writing and the opportunity to discuss these things with others. When I finally complete my degree I hope to get a job writing.

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