First Autobiography My Family& Me

The year was 1991, at 12:06am. After 15 hrs of labor my mother Selena Maynie gave birth to Gary J Young Jr. He was born at Jackson Park Hospital in chicago, illinois. He was a very athletic kid at birth, growing up with a older brother, two uncles, and two cousin that lived under the same roof as him. Some were high school athletes and some were middle school athletes. But all were the top athletes at there school. He was born into a household of talent and role models. As well as growing up with them i became just like them and became a top athlete in basketball and football. My mom was a hair stylist and my father was a business owner/ Entrepreneur.

Chicago is very fun i have a big household full of people so you can say it gets kind of crammed or crazy. But y family is very fun and it works out just fine. We all play sports in our house. I guess you can say you have to be a athlete to live in our house(not true) but its a joy to be in a house full of people that wants to better themselves in every aspect of life. But we do get a bit competitive in everything. Video games, running, cleaning, sports, and even who can make the biggest splash in the pool.


Second Autobiography Moving to Bemidji

Moving to minnesota has a lot of ups and downs. Considering i am a Chicago Bears fan, Chicago Bulls fan, and Chicago White Sox fan. Yea, don't let me forget a Chicago Blackhawks fan and minnesota is a hockey state so i get a lot for being a die heart chicago sports fan. Its very cold in minnesota, most people say chicago get cold but minnesota takes the cake in weather. But its a different place from chicago but its really fun besides the weather.

Moving to this little town, that i never heard of was weird at first i couldnt even say it right. But i knew it was a new beginning because it helps me adapt to a new smaller enviroment. The lake freezes over and people drive on it. In chicago you couldnt do that and i think everyone would be scared to. But over all its a beautiful place. I never seen stars until i came here because in chicago you would never see stars, you might catch a glimpse of one maybe two. But never a bunch of them. I like school in bemidji its pretty funny because some people are friendly and some people wants to get to know you just, kind of remind me like home. I go to school for Architecture and creative writing now.

I like listening to people writing because when i use to be in class i'll write. I dont every know what im writing about i just go with, what i feel. My web content class i'm starting is funny my teacher makes you think every hard abt everything but whats the best is his facial expression when he's being sarcastic and his hand motions. If you want to learn about putting meaning in your work or trying to make it amusing he's our man and the helpful assistants.

Third Autobiography Bemidji Football

Playing football is my dream, i always seen myself playing basketball or football because im so use to being the athlete. I love the feel of the rush you get when you have so many people watching you and doing something you love. I'm a outside linebacker for BSU(Bemidji State) but if you dont watch football ill give you a hint to where i am on the field. I'm the guy behind the first line of defense telling the people down on the ground what to do. We play fast and physical, maybe that sound funny i know i laugh at it but its a motto we go by.

We did every good this season i wish everyone could come out a support us but th weather doesnt always go with football. One day it can be 65 degrees, then it can be 15 degrees and snowing.

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