Ch. 1-2 pps 31-34 three different paragraphs using the persona, stance and attitude specified in Price
I used to be Snow White... but I drifted. -Mae West and Me
If anyone were to prostelytize to me, at this point in my life, that you are never too old to go back to school, I would have to rip their arm off and beat them senseless with their bloody appendage. A person may very well get to a point where they are too old for school, particularly if the things they did in their youth destroyed a bit too many of the necessary brain cells needed to be a functioning literate in college. When I am asked if it bothers me to be getting older, my usual retort is that I am only as old as the men I feel. I prefer getting older to the alternative of not getting older. Did I come on too strong in my reaction to someone prostelytizing to me? My apologies. I tend to do that on occasion. I tend to do other things unintentionally too, such as making babies cry, causing men to inexplicably move away from me in a social setting, incensing women with my distaste for shopping, and my complete inability to practice the Swedish lagom .

I am a firm believer in live and let live, yet please keep in mind


I defer to humor above all else, and want us all to


I have had a career in corporate America and loved it. I especially loved having an expense account. Spending a company's money on other people while making myself look like a high roller is truly as fun as it sounds. I've been in banking, technical field support, financial sales, management, and Business 2 Business sales. My corporate experience allowed me to see parts of the country I otherwise never would have seen. The Cicero Avenue around Midway airport in Chicago is full of excitement at night, and cabbing it to LAX at 6am after a whirlwind, no sleep, 48 hour business trip, eating toothpaste and pondering my first Rave experience are times I'll always treasure. I've gained friends in nearly every state of the country, and even though they regularly change their addresses, I usually find them again. Meeting the Prime Minister of Jamaica during a week at the Ritz in Montego Bay was amazing. Perhaps meeting isn't the most accurate word. I met his bodyguards as I tried to enter his suite which happened to be right next to mine. These times of great fun pale in comparison to the vacations I've taken with my daughter, Megan, and our constant challenge to avoid the papparazzi.

My proudest life accomplishment to date has been raising my daughter. She is a beautiful, talented young woman who now pays out the nose for the therapy to repair all the damage I caused raising her.

I am a non-traditional student, a non-traditional parent, and a non-traditional woman. Born and raised in central Minnesota, I felt the need to put some distance between myself and my family so I first emigrated west to Brainerd for a few years, then south to St. Paul for a few more, and finally landing even further south in Nashville Tennessee for eight years. I worked for a financial software company for ten years and loved (almost) every minute of it. I returned to Minnesota after my parents experienced several health concerns and I enjoy being close to family again.
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I raised my daughter by myself and have appreciated the lessons I've learned by being a single parent. I was mother, father, disciplinarian, wage earner, taxi driver, aaand spider killer. Busy, but fun.

Become Aware
After spending 25 years in corporate America I realized I no longer knew myself and resolved to set out in a new direction in my life's journey. In search of the elusive peace one only finds through introspection, I began my quest at Namaste Nan. I had read the book Eat, Pray, Love, which, like my fellow travelers in this continuum, had a profound effect on my journey between earthly delights and divine transcendence.

I chose to leave the treadmill of the 8-5 life and try my hand at love. I was swept away and given completely to the domesticity of the keeping of the home, the preparation of the evening meal, and the age old duties associated with running a household. I soon determined that I had been called to something higher and left to continue my self-discovery.

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