Depressed in Mn

Vitamin D.
In this article, the writer should cover how Vitamin D affects our bodies, and how lacking it can be detrimental as to causing seasonal depression. I’d suggest the writer of this article in researching vitamin supplements and how affective they are, and even more importantly if tanning is a sufficient means to an end. I think touching on seasonal depression would add a lot for this article, and the statistics of how many people suffer from this disorder in the northern states too.

Any persona would be appropriate in writing this article.

This could go into a new ‘health’ category, or also ‘University Life’ since the awareness of the deficiency of Vitamin D could benefit campus life, especially for those out-of-staters new to having a significant amount of less sunshine.

This could make contact with the readers because it may be affecting more students than they are aware of, and the easy fix for more energy. So we are talking about an issue that affects real people and possibly the reader so make scanning easy by keeping that in mind, after revealing symptoms the cure is what the reader likely will want to know so the purpose of the piece for the reader will be the best cure and why.

This should link to other websites that prove what is most beneficial (perhaps vitamin pills, dieting, or tanning has been proven most efficient or whatever it is). A list of the symptoms, and a link to another page that might have them in more detail, a page on seasonal depression, and the pros and cons of tanning beds too.

Dump the Book?

Which is more beneficial in high school literature.
Books are often controversial, but what is most appropriate for high school literature? The main goal should be is to teach English and broaden perspectives of different writing styles--not necessarily to change morals. Let's pose a situation for this article and see what the best solution for this arises in regards to whether to read book A over book B would be better although one has: explicit language, violent actions of abuse whether to animals or people, sexuality whether for the young or questions of it, racism, or strong atheistic/religious influence. What is gained or lost without these extremes in literature, if literature should be judged by a one page description or if its throughout the novel, or any tangent.

I think remaining neutral should be key here although difficult, perhaps only the to teach or the to help personas would be most appropriate, but humor could be an interesting perspective on this situation as well. Although by taking a stance and backing it up while taking in all the considerations would be a compelling article as well.

This should link to other websites, I suggest linking to a list of books in the cannon aren't and ones that do have those extreme situations somewhere in the novel.

This can be a touchy subject so I think it'll make contact to the readers by being relevant since most here are writing or english majors and likely have a view on this subject, or would like to consider alternatives if they come upon this situation later in life.
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