Sh*t My Mother Says
This article idea was born from a conversation I had with a fellow student. She was conveying to me her disbelief at what her mother said to her in regard to her choice of profession. This article should both amuse and raise awareness of the universalities that mothers teach. It could review the most incredible, amazing, insightful, emotional, and downright dumbest things that mothers say, often at what seems to be the most inopportune moment. This article will use humor at its core, while sprinkling in the emotions of the readers in response to what mothers say or have said over the course of a lifetime. The author could take a concensus of classmates, family, and facebook friends to gather their mothers' words of wisdom.

The site could link to other sites that may appear to be about raising children, but that discuss children and parents from a humorous bent. It would discuss the ironies and humorous aspects of being a mother and/or a child. Other site links should reflect the changes one goes through from being a single, young woman, to the unchartered territory of becoming a mother. Our audience would ideally be both sexes, with an age range of roughly 25-55. Different paragraphs could cover:

My Mother was Right (realizations of reality she warned me about)
Momisms (Universal Truths)
I wish I Didn't Know... (Things you've learned that you could have lived without)
Dad's Comebacks (Did you ask your mother?)
Seriously Folks... (What our Moms really mean to us)

2. 24 Hours

This article will address the reality that none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. It should raise awareness that our time on this Third Rock From the Sun is finite. It will not be a doomsday article. It will discuss what to rid oneself of and what to keep close, by maintaining a top-of-mind attitude of the possibility that your time may be up at any moment.

The author could conduct differing experiments such as smiling at every person they encounter, all day, for a 24 hour period, or consciously avoiding all negative words, thoughts and actions, and recording how people respond. They could also Pay It Forward, sharing the initial occurence, how they were affected, how they paid it forward and what the resulting effect was on the next recipient.

Who will the audience be? Anyone who is tired of negativity, the status quo, or mean people, and ideally the young and old and the healthy and terminally ill. The author should also address what he/she would honestly do if they knew in advance that today would be their last day. In addition, the author should speak to what they want to leave behind and what they hope people say at their funeral, or how they wish to be remembered.

The article should stress the idea that we can do minor things to improve our interactions with people, and live to give more than we get.

3. Your Special Purpose

Why do so many people stay in jobs they hate? This article would be both an instructional article and a personal discovery article to teach people the reason for taking personality tests and taking the results seriously. It would address how to discover your individual strengths, acknowledge weaknesses and choose a profession that emphasizes the best of who you really are. It could address the plethora of personality tests available, the probability of taking a personality test during a job application, how corporations use these tests in making hiring decisions and most importantly, how to find your Special Purpose.

It could address, as a future manager, how these tests will become useful in your own hiring decisions. It will discuss how you will be expected to use these tests to improve your management of different personalities and how to bring out the best from each of the personalities of your employees. If you are aware of the importance of managing to many different types of personalities, it will make you a respected manager that people will want to work for.

The article should also cover attempts at beating or fooling a personality test, and why it is not in one's best interest to try and do so. This topic could then segue into the amount of energy a person spends over a lifetime trying to be someone whom, at their core, they are not. What a person loves to do will involve an innate personal strength. What is yours?

4. Trading Places
Ever thought about what it would be like to trade places with your parent? How would it be to no longer be the child in the relationship and instead have to parent your parent? This article would strive to make people of all ages aware of what might, and in all probability will, be like to care for aging parents. This article would address the very real aspect of being or becoming an 'in-betweener:' The point in one's life where you are a both a child of aging parents, and a parent yourself.

The author could address the increased instances of early onset Alzheimer's, some of the latest ratios of people affected by the disease and the probability that they or someone close to them will eventually have to balance three different lives: Their children's, their parents and their own. The author could share their emotions on the possibilities of having a parent move into their home, considering an Assisted Living location or the dreaded Nursing Home option. The author could also touch on the polarizing option of end-of-life choices and the point at which those decisions are discussed and ultimately implemented. The author should address the conundrum of living ones own life versus the expectation of being a selfless and caring adult child.
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