The Devil and Grad Plans

by: Candice Spitler


What every writer needs to know about Graduate School without selling your soul.

Step one: Research the best schools in your country. We'll take the good ole US of A.
Best Schools of the Beast
Where Great Writers are Made
Top Ranked Schools

Step two: Figure out what tuition will cost you for your preferred major and school.
Take for example Brown University's Tuition:
Not to mention the other fees which are charged:
Health Service Fee: $672 academic year
Health Insurance Fee: $2,861 annual coverage
Student Activity Fee: $52 per semester ($104 annually)
Student Recreation Fee: $64 per semester ($128 annually)
Room and Board: $8443 per semester ($16,886 annually)

For a whopping total of: $55,016

Step three: Find a leprechaun beneath a rainbow and steal his pot of gold.
Graduate Funding
MFA in Writing
10 Things to Consider

Step four: Play Devil's Advocate.
100 Reasons NOT to Attend Graduate School
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