Better Your Life in 20 Steps!

by: Candice Spitler

I'm no expert on lifestyle changes. I'm just experimenting on myself in order to find true happiness in a world that thrives on misery. I'm a chronic procrastinator with just a side of poor-decision-making. I decided to write an article to help me, and you, to make better decisions with your diet, your mindset, and even your lifestyle.


1.) Don't cut out the things you love most. Think of good food as a + and negative food as a -. If you eat cream cheese wontons then turn around and eat a salad later. People who try to change their lives around too quickly end up failing. Crash diets and get slim quick plans don't work because dieting is a lifestyle change not a passing fad.

2.) Everyone needs a little comfort food. Don't overdo it. A splurge should happen once a week, not every day. What point in your day will you need a little love? Pick that time frame and splurge on a cheesecake or two slices of pizza. Just remember: moderation is your skinny friend.

3.) Have an emergency candy stash. That's right. Have a stash for those times where you need a candy bar now and everyone should get out of your way. If you have a stash though, you can't impulsively buy sweets at the store. It's one or the other!

4.) Have a goal. I weigh 152 pounds. I prefer to be about 140 to 145 pounds. That's something that requires hard work. Most people get lost at this point. Don't be one of them. I give myself pep talks every time I don't want to do something. Always remind yourself: my goals are important to me.

5.) Motivate yourself. Every time I don't want to go to the sassy side comes out. It puts its hand on its hips and says, girrrl be fat and happy or lose weight. People consider you crazy when you talk to yourself. So what? I want a flat stomach and no cellulite. If I have to talk to myself to keep skinny...honey get out of my way!

6.) Get active. Find an exercise regimen that works for you. Everyone says, I don't have time to work out. What I'm saying is, make time for it. Being healthy should be important to everybody. A lot of health complications can be avoided if diet and exercise is a part of your life. Avoid diseases like type two diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and cancer by being aware of lifestyle dangers.


7.) Have a musical playlist that improves your mood. Put on some good music when you're feeling down and you'll be dancing around, laughing and having a good time. Whether you're with friends or home alone, a good musical playlist can make a bad day start looking better.

8.) No more pity party. No more excuses. I am the queen of procrastination. By the time I realize it is ten 0'clock at night I have done none of my chores. I feel let down. Like dead weight. It's time to change. My personal mantra is: do it now and be free for later.

9.) Create a bucket list. Next time you have time make a list of places you want to go in the world, activities that you want to do, and people you would like to meet. Seeing your dreams on paper make them seem more real. I want to see China, become an accomplished writer, and meet Johnny Depp.

10.) Take a chill pill. I think, "I hate doing dishes. I hate the cold. I hate waking up early. I hate my job." All of this negativity that I feed myself makes me angry, it upsets me and I take it out on the people I love most. Why? Because we hurt the ones we're closest to. So when I'm angry I close my eyes. I think: that's life, let it go because nobody said it would be fair. Recognize your anger. You can't find happiness through a film of red.

11.) Laugh a lot. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Cut out the drama queens, bullies, and bad relationships. When you're with people who are genuinely happy then you will become happy as well. The same rule applies to successful people.

12.) Discover what makes you happy. What makes you feel good? I like eating, movies, playing games, dancing, and reading books. I feel good when I have finished a book that surprised me in all the right places. I enjoy sitting in a dark room and being absorbed into a new movie or an old favorite. I take precious time in my day to relax and enjoy the things that make me happy. You'll appreciate these moments when you're busy at work.


13.) Find a hobby that excites you. When you're in the right mindset you're happier. When you're happier you avoid things like overeating, depression, and inactivity. There are literally millions of things you could take up and it wouldn't have to be an aerobic hobby.

14.) Don't hit the snooze button! I know it's hard to get up in the morning. I do it all the time then I look back and wonder why couldn't I just get up? Make it a point of consistently waking up at the same time. When the alarm goes off. That's it. You're done sleeping. Turn it off. Get up and start the day. You'll accomplish more if you get moving sooner.

15.) Learn to manage money. It is one of the principle things everyone should know. It goes right along with, never lie, cheat or steal. Learn how to save and to be avoid temptation of big ticket shopping. Every paycheck store a minimum of twenty dollars in a savings account and don't touch it. Keep the money in savings for emergency only circumstances.

16.) Get rid of old clutter. Most people are pack rats. We hoard the things we think we need. Take the time to look around your house. What do you use most? What haven't you touched in months? Discard the old clothes you don't fit. Organize the photo albums you've left for some other time. Sort through the books you always told yourself you'd read. Sell or donate the things you don't need.

17.) Clean your space. I know it’s hard but you just have to roll on through. Keep your focus by making a to-do list and then check off chores as you complete them. Imagine how much better you’ll feel once all the boxes have been checked. When you’re done your place will be squeaky clean and you’ll feel good too!

18.) Maintain cleanliness. Before bed every night clean your dishes and take out the trash. Imagine how much better your kitchen will smell if there's no grime lingering around. On the plus side that's less work that you have to do the next day. Conquering little chores here and there makes you feel like you've accomplished something. You won't be overwhelmed that way.

19.) Life has ruts identify where yours is. I've had the same job since high school. But after college is done I plan on working for a publishing company. The closer I am to my career choice the better I will become. It won't be an easy task to remove your life from a rut. Be prepared to make tough choices.

20.) Be true to yourself. Every person should know who they are. There will be times when you come into contact with people who try to influence you poorly. Stand firm against peer pressure. Only you can live your life.

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