Article Proposal #1 for TIO

Sabrina Kaiser

Time Management and Organization for The Working College Student Mom/Dad
(Subject to change. In fact, it should definitely be changed. But to what I am not sure as of yet.)

This article will cover different time management and organizational techniques necessary for being a successful student AND parent. It is very easy to allow all of your tasks to build up until there is seemingly no way to complete them. On top of being buried in schoolwork, you are supposed to find the time of day to help you child with his/her homework. While you do the dishes, laundry, make dinner, go grocery shopping and wash the dog.

I will take the stance of BEING the person who needs to read these tips and tricks. The research necessary for writing this article will, in fact, benefit my life greatly.

Any student and/or parent who feels that daily life responsibilities are piling up and they are drowning in unfinished work.

This article will make contact with readers by "speaking their lingo". I will use bold key terms, discuss why there is a time management/organizational issue, etc so that my readers know that I am on their level and ready to connect.

I think that this article would fit under the Real Life category on TIO.

Lots of googling about and possibly even some book searching. I may get crazy and look up and time management/organizational topics in self-help books.

Articles and blogs. There are 4,567,890 mommy blogs out there to look at. I will find what I deem to be the best resources for my readers and link to them in order to enhance my content.

Article length will be no less than 500 words and no more than 1,000 words. Give or take.
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