America's Lost Boys

As a decorated military war veteran it has easily come to my attention the disconnect between returning soldiers and those few groups that are out there to help them transition. In the move between being active in the military and discharge from service, some men and women are lost in the limbo. This may seem like such a minor national issue, but in reality this issue is of great importance. I some cases veterans returning from our current war have been known to get in legal trouble due to issues like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Men and women like me have served in the military during war time, have lost just about everything in a sacrificial move to do what they feel is right. They do all this to return to the idea of comfort back home, only to have a number of them fall through the cracks and have no help with their new problems. Studies have shown that veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan experiencing violent mood disorders are more than twice as likely to be arrested for wrongful behavior. It is also shown through study that more military victims in today's war on terror have fallen victim to mental casualties than there have been mortal casualties. This basically means that a shockingly high number of veterans have come back to the states experience high mental and emotional disorders. These disorders prevent veterans from keeping jobs, families, and homes. In extreme cases, again some of those veterans that suffer end up in the legal system and behind bars for many years.

A highly disturbing result of our current "War on Terror" has been the huge increase of sex crimes perpetrated by military members and against military members.

Although in many ways the system to help veterans is lacking, there are many resources out there to keep veterans out of harms way and help them lead a happy healthy life.
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