Adding Images what I learned:
First off go it the media manager (obviously)
Open the stories folder:
Important! All uploaded images to your website must be kept in the "Stories" folder, or a folder within the "Stories" folder. Otherwise, Joomla! will not recognize it later. check the directory selector box to ensure that the "stories" folder is where you are located.
I created a folder within the stories folder titled autobiophotos to keep things organized.
Keep the sizes SMALL! I added my own pic. :)
Joomla! recommends: Try not to exceed 50-80 K.

Okay next I am figuring out how to insert the image into the content.
Actually pretty easy don't know if I need to use notes.
except scroll to the bottom of screen and chose the image icon instead of the insert image at top of screen much easier it seems. Did a lorem ipsum article with a photo to see how things are looking.

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