Casper's Academic OdysseyAugust 1991 - Present {5 majors later}
I begin my academics at Live Oak Elementary school in Roundrock, TX. I only got through Kindergarten (barely) before moving to El Paso, TX.

Once in El Paso, TX I attended Parkland Elementary School for my first grade year, but again by the end of the year my family moved. This time the move was just to another school district in the same town. Desertaire Elementary school is where I attended grades 2nd through 4th. My fifth grade year I moved back into Parkland School District, but only attended for half a year before getting permission to go back and attend Desertaire once again.

Inevitably my family moved again at the end of that year, and this time it was not only a new town by a whole new state(Carlsbad, NM). I went to Alta Vista and P.R. Leyva for my 6th and 7th grade years. P.R. Leyva was in the middle and Alta Vista the beginning and end of that period.

8th grade my family went on to move to Hobbs, NM where I attended my 8th and 9th grade year at Houston Jr. High. Surprisingly stayed in Hobbs to attend 10th and 11th grades at Hobbs High School, before testing out at age 16.

At 17 years old I started my college aspect of this academic odyssey. Started at College of the Southwest, and some CCAF. I am now currently attending Bemidji State University where I am finishing my bachelors degree before I move on to get a Masters Degree in English.

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