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>>=== We Share ===
{{image url="" img alt="Creative Commons License" link=""}} Course content is licensed under a [[ Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License]]: free to share and remix, but attribute and share alike. For use of student-created content, contact individual students. More information at [[ Creative Commons]]>> =====About=====
This wiki supports courses in Web Writing and Web Design for Content Writers for Bemidji State University. Contact mmorgan at bemidjistate dot edu.

ENGL 4169/5169: Web Design for Content Writers
ENGL 4170/4170: Web Content Writing

It is a [[ fishbowl wiki]]: Anyone can view all the pages, but only users with a password can add or edit pages or leave comments.

Contributers to this wiki are reminded that their work is visible to all.

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