Hello Everyone,
My name is Tatum Fjelstad. I was born and raised in Duluth, MN. I chose to study at Bemidji because of it's beautiful campus and it's closeness to the lake. I am majoring in English Education and will hopefully be in a high school class room in the next five years. I chose to take this class because it was required but I have high hopes and it seems interesting. In my free time I love to go hiking, especially at the state park here, I enjoy snowboarding in the winter and rollerblading in the summer. Back home I have a three year old French Bulldog who I adore. I used to foster Boxer's with the MN Boxer Rescue so I've always grown up with a dog. I recently got a house here in Bemidji with four other girls and it's been a fun summer moving in, decorating, and getting to know each other. I also spent this last summer working two jobs: Stony Point Resort in Cass Lake, and Luekens North. I chose my major based on a lot of things. I have always favored English all throughout my school days and I find putting ideas into words very easy for me. I enjoying reading but only when I really dedicate my time to it. Other than that I struggle very much with class related readings. I was a youth pastor at my church back home which made me decide to teach at the secondary level. High schoolers aren't any more scary that preschooler to me. Overall I'm excited to see what this year brings me and how this class can lead me to my degree.
School email tatum.fjelstad@live.bemidjistate.edu












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