My name is Zachary Malm. I graduated from Park Rapids, MN in 2004 and moved (against my parents wishes) to Washington state for my first two years of college. I graduated with an AA degree in 2006, and then continued my education in Moorhead for exactly ten months until I decided Fargo was the armpit of the world that encourages suicide. Seriously - it is nothing more than a giant smelly truck stop halfway between Minneapolis and Bismark. Discontented, I returned closer to home and moved to a farm near Becida. Twelve months later, I registered as a full time student at Bemidji State University.

I am a Mass Communications major. Another stupid decision. Not only is the industry itself suffering excessive job losses, but my specialty is in print media (such as newspapers) which are fading from the planet and consolidating the entire market to the interenet and 24/7 news channels. For the moment, I am a server at the Ground Round across from Wal-Mart. I make a few dimes over minimum wage so everyone who reads this should be encouraged to visit and tip well. Don't bring any kids or crabby old people.

This is only my second full winter back in Minnesota. In the 2+ years I lived out west, my body adjusted to the warmer winters of the Washington deserts. It snowed once and got cold enough to wear a jacket. Now here I am, facing -30 F and five foot snow banks with the rest of you. I was born here, raised here, and have been fortunate enough to move away and come back. If there is anything I would like to say about Zachary Malm and his life experience, it is that I live in Bemidji, Minnesota. And I probably won't be here for long.



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