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Looks like you’re interested in finding things out about me. I guess it makes sense. I mean, I’m always curious to find out things about other people, so it’s only fair that you’re checking things out here.

Let’s start off with basic stuff.

I’m nineteen, I’m a college student (hovering between a second- and third-year), and I’m majoring in English with the intent of going into publishing and editing someday. (I would love to write on the side as well.)

I hate the cold. I live in a state that breaks records for cold temperatures, but I really hate it. And when I say cold, know I’m referring to the absolutely frigid weather that Minnesota is known for, not the kind where one might say “Oh, it’s a tid bit nippy out; perhaps I should put on a jacket before I get goosebumps.” No, I’m referring to the kind of cold where if you don’t put on a glove your whole hand will fall off. (Maybe I’m exaggerating. Just a little.)

Anyway, here you are. Welcome.

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